Lodge Logic Cast Iron Skillet

Lodge Logic Cast Iron Skillet

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Cast Iron is best if you are a "real" cook. And this pan brand is no different. The pan is great. Unbreakable, heats evenly, gives your food great flavor, and it easy to clean...just remember to NEVER use soap when cleaning cast iron...It's cause the pan to rust.

Have a couple at home love to use these for frying things

I love my Lodge cast iron skillet. Old fashion, adds iron to ur diet, will last forever if taken care of, after seasoned adds great flavor, and can be used to bake with also. Heck u can even use it on an open fire when camping. What's not to love!

Every good southern girl has a cast iron skillet, and lodge is one of the best brands around. I have several lodge skillets, one was my great-grandmother's and is still cooking eggs, bacon, biscuits, and more. When properly taken care of these skillets will be in your family forever.

Nothing beats the old stand by of cast iron. I use this for everything from omelets to fritattas to cooking cornbread, sausages... you name it and it stands the test of time. Plus, it doesn't have moving parts that get old and worn down. This pan will genuinely last you forever with proper care.

I have learned from generations before me about the proper use and care for cast iron skillets and they are the best kitchen utensils to use if you know how. Some things just can't be cooked in anything other than a cast iron skillet. Excellent products if taken care of properly. Ready instructions and care!

I love cooking with cast iron and lodge are the best :-)

Love cast iron and love Lodge. Their pans are uniform and season quickly. I have lots of cast iron pots, but few are as well made as my Lodge pans

I use all my cast iron for all my cooking and baking.

These are awesome cookware. Heavy duty stuff.

An american Classic...every real cook should own a cast iron pan in their kitchen setup. The older the better. They only get better with age.

Love Lodge Logic cast iron products.

I have a few of these skillets I use them all the time especially when camping. Great for open flame cooking. They make the best fried potatoes. I use the smaller ones for cornbread and they always turn out great.

I prefer cooking in this type skillet more than anything. I even take mine camping and cook on the fire directly.

I love this skillet for cooking potatoes, cornbread, and just about anything except for eggs. The heat distribution is more even than any other pan I own and it's versatile to use in the oven at high temps. The only thing I have ever had trouble cooking in this pan is eggs. It definitely is not egg friendly. However, if the pan is seasoned correctly, it cleans up easily. I have a Lodge set that we use for camping as well. I can put it directly over the fire to bake or cook meats.