Dr Brown's  by Handicraft Natural Flow BPA free Baby Bottles

Dr Brown's by Handicraft Natural Flow BPA free Baby Bottles

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These are the best bottles on the market...I understand when parents say they have alot of pieces which is true but its not bad to clean...Believe me I would wash 20 pieces just for my baby not to scream that his belly hurts! I also used them when I was breast feeding and my baby didn't reject them...For all they do they are not expensive!

These bottles were an absolute blessing for me. I have been a single mom since day 1 with my son and he had severe colic from birth to 4 months. I wasn't sure I would survive it but these bottles definitely helped. They truly, honestly male a difference. I was using different bottles at first and switched to these after research and it was a fantastic decision. I will say this, they are a pain to clean because there are multiple pieces with several crevices but it's worth it to help soothe your baby. Also, they leak if you lay it down. They leak through the nipple. So just be careful. I loved them and still use them for my son.

The Dr.Brown natural flow bottles are life savers! My son was having terrible stomach issues, I had him on sensitive formula and gave him has drops constantly! As soon as I switched to these bottles his stomach issues ended. The different components of this bottle prevent air from getting in the formula. They are truly amazing! I recommend them to every mom out there.

worth the clean up if baby is satisfied and not full of gas..even after a good burbing my little ones still have gas from their intollerances to so many things we are still trying to pin down..atleast sucking down a bunch of air is one less concern.

The pieces for a simple baby bottle can get a bit annoying at first, but nonetheless, I found that it is a wonderful bottle that does just as it says. I have used it with both of my sons and will definitely be using Dr. Brown's bottles for our third child.

Great bottles for colic or just gassy babies. Wish I had these with my son 12 years ago. He had colic. I was only able to purchase the 1 set of 3 for my daughter, being a single mom the cost was just 2 expensive for me. They are also too plain. I like the cute baby design bottles. Great bottles just too expensive.

We had a lot of issues with our little girl during and after feedings so our pediatrician recommended these bottles and they were a game changer. I only gave it a 4 star because cleaning and washing them is not as fun. Lots of little nooks and crannies, but the manufacturer does provide the small brush to clean those.

Decent Product These worked for my daughter for a few months when she was an infant. They're good bottles just wish they didn't have so many parts.

Great for a consistent flow Works great for easy flow. The baby adapted well to the nipple and has performed to fit her needs in transition from breast feeding. The only downside is the cleaning. The white plastic top that stacks on top of the blue funnel is a bit tricky to clean since it gets a lot of the buildup there. That's where all the chunks and stains accumulate. I do have to manually scrub with the nipple cleaner but other than that great bottle!

Baby loved - Me not as much My baby loved these bottles. My only concern is that they are difficult and aggravating to wash. So many pieces but it helped the colic disappear.

My go to bottle This was my go to with my daughter! They helped prevent gas. I did receive some that leaked but the company sent me new ones. There are several pieces to clean but it really is worth it.

Good, but not ideal for breastfed babies. Nice size bottles and they do seem to help with gas. Our daughter didn't like the nipple on these bottles as it was very flexible and small compared to others we've tried. We would try again, but didn't end up being our first choice. Not idea for breastfed babies.

Good Ok, so originally I hated these bottles because they leaked all over. But my baby has had really bad gas and I got desperate. How could there be so many good reviews if they all leak? What am I doing wrong? Turns out, the fill line "do not fill above this line" is obvious once you look for it. The directions "hold at 45 degrees and keep the vent end out of the milk" is much less obvious. Both are definitely complicated to figure out when you haven't slept properly in months. Bottom line is that they really reduce gas... but be careful how you hold them and fill them to feed you baby. If you're careful, they work like a charm.

We liked the Dr. Brown bottles a lot. Our only complaint is that there are so many pieces. It was such a process to clean these each and every day. However, that said, I know that the pieces are what keep babies from getting gassy and I can definitely say our baby was never gassy from her bottles.

I like the bottles but I would prefer a wide neck bottle. Luckily they make those as well!