Dr Brown's  by Handicraft Natural Flow BPA free Baby Bottles

Dr Brown's by Handicraft Natural Flow BPA free Baby Bottles

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I tried several different brands of bottles because my daughter had colic. I did not see that these bottles helped. They were expensive and have too many parts.

I used these with my youngest son because he would refuse other nipples. But they leak after some time so i always had to get different bottles and use the lids from these.

Not so good I can say from experience ( i literarlly bought my first son a new bottle every week until I found one that was easy to clean and good quality) I tried these at one point, I really liked them at first but after a couple days I grew so tired of them. They leaked like crazy and I didn't want to worry about a bottle spilling all over my diaper bag. I ended up throwing them out and having to buy yet another bottle. I personally wouldn't recommend.

Too expensive Too expensive and too many pieces. They also leak very easily. I won't buy then again.

Not for me I?ve worked in daycare and have kids of my own, these never worked for my kids. We had a few babies use them in daycare and they were a pain to clean.

Not the best I got these in hopes that they would work for my baby. But everytime I used them and my daughter drank out of them they leaked! And I only had 4 oz in the 8 oz bottles

I was given a set by a friend to see if it would help my daughter not take in so much air...we honestly couldn't tell a difference in these bottles compared to the brand we were already using and my daughter liked the other brand, she could hold those better. I also didn't like that there are so many pieces to wash and that a special little brush is needed to really get some of the pieces clean. These bottles might work well for some but we will stick to the brand we started out with...those are much more affordable, much easier to clean, and they reduce the air intake just as well as these Dr. Brown's bottles.

It is a waste of money if you ask me, way too expensive for a bottle set.

The cleaning process is horrible. You can only use the tiny bottle brush that they supply in the box because everything else is way too small to clean the bottle tube. You have to tilt the bottle a certain way while you are feeding your infant which makes you waste a lot of the milk.

Love/Hate Relationship I have a love/hate relationship with Dr. Brown. I love how they help your baby with colic issues, but I don't understand why no matter what you do, the bottle spills. It's such a waste of very expensive formula, which right now is hard to find. There are multiple pieces to the bottle, so you do spend a lot of time cleaning and piecing them back together.

My baby had a hard time keeping down food so the Dr suggested using cereal in bottles they would clog up.

I Liked this product when my 4 month old was small, just wish it was easier to wash(less pieces)

Pro/Con of Mr.Brown's Bottle I would say that these bottles have pros and cons to it. A pro is that its reduces colic in babies when feeding but a con about them is that its hard to clean out the blue thing that is inside it.

Great for a consistent flow Works great for easy flow. The baby adapted well to the nipple and has performed to fit her needs in transition from breast feeding. The only downside is the cleaning. The white plastic top that stacks on top of the blue funnel is a bit tricky to clean since it gets a lot of the buildup there. That's where all the chunks and stains accumulate. I do have to manually scrub with the nipple cleaner but other than that great bottle!

Good, but not ideal for breastfed babies. Nice size bottles and they do seem to help with gas. Our daughter didn't like the nipple on these bottles as it was very flexible and small compared to others we've tried. We would try again, but didn't end up being our first choice. Not idea for breastfed babies.