Gillette Venus Spa Breeze Razor

Gillette Venus Spa Breeze Razor

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I like the Venus brand razors but I wasn't overly crazy about this type. It isn't good for more than a couple of uses. Tends to clog up the blade real quick.

This didn't work as well other Venus Razors. same as other review, not the best on bikini area and yoour underarms.

I wasn't too fond of the gilette razor. I felt the razor head was too big and it got rusty really quick.

i like this razor. yet it is not my favorite it is however my daughters. i just hate that there ecpensive! :)

Gillette Venus Razors are known as terrific razors, but unfortunately this one isn't!!!! My shaver got dull in a few days and i had to shave my legs twice because the first time i shaved the hairs were still there. Dissapointed.

I love the Venus series of razors. The biggest drawback to the disposables is the cost. This makes a great way to try the Venus out without investing in refillable style. I've been using my Venus refillable razor for years and would have no issue recommending to anyone else.

The razor works great. I just wish that the gel would stay on longer than just a couple uses.

not my favorite but for a disposable razor it gets the job done

I was not thrilled with this razor. The head is not comfortable, especially under arms.

love this , use it to shave my legs and it leaves my legs super soft. (:

Not the best Venus has come out with. Blades didn't stay or start out sharp enough. Couldn't get a close shave, especially on the underarms. Bar makes the top so big it is uncomfortable to use. Bars don't last very long. Does hydrate well.

This is an ok razor. There aren't enough blades for me because I have thick hair, even if it did though I doubt I would use it. It's great at first, then the moisture strips always ended up getting ruined before the razor was really ready to throw away, also they tend to get sticky if your bathroom stays humid.

I really like the moisture bars while they last, it's the only way for me to prevent razor burn (I still have to use shaving cream). However they honestly last maybe 4 uses before the moisture bar is gone and I have to remove it from the shower while I'm not in there. Kind of annoying, but those first few uses are great.

works great

I really like the moisture bars while they last. but they dry out so quickly