Enfagrow PREMIUM Older Toddler Ready-to-Drink Milk Drinks, Natural Milk Flavor

Enfagrow PREMIUM Older Toddler Ready-to-Drink Milk Drinks, Natural Milk Flavor

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Neither of my kids would drink this. They both got excited about drinking out of the box, but neither would go beyond the first sip. Tried it cold & a room temperature. Bummer.

My daughter isn't a huge fan of regular tasting milk since she discovered strawberry and vanilla flavoring. So I wasn't surprised when she told me she didn't like this milk at all.

Unfortunately my toddler did not like either flavor.

Mostly my child only drinks milk with an occasional juice or juice pouch. I tried to get him to drink both of the flavors sent but after just a couple of sips he refused to drink anymore and said it tasted yucky and "I don't like it". So all the benefits sound great but if he won't drink it it doesn't do us any good.

This is nothing more than junk food with vitamins added. Saccharides, Artificial Flavors, Sugar... NOT something I want to feed my toddler under the guise of 'healthy'. DO NOT BE FOOLED by the clever "less than 1%" on the ingredients list, that still amounts to 14g of sugar!

My 20 month old wouldn't drink these. He would take a sip and then refuse to try any more. I didn't feel the product offered anything special. He can get the same things by drinking regular milk and eating a gummy vitamin.

Both of my kids (14 months and 5-year-old) did not like the taste of this product.

I was really hoping my daughter would like this but after two sips, she was done. She is not a picky eater either so this was a surprise to me. She refused to even try the vanilla flavor. Even if she did like it, the size of the drink seems to be large for a toddler. Unfortunately, we will not be buying this super convenient product.

Ryland didn't like this flavor.

My 3yo didn't like the flavor at all. He told me the milk was old, not fresh, and too watery, and he didn't want baby milk. If I poured it over with out him seeing and mixed in strawberry syrup he would drink it, but nothing I would buy. Too bad because I was really excited about him trying it!

My son didn't like the taste

My 3 year old didn't like this. She tried it several different times and wouldn't finish it. I think that she must be too attached to the taste of milk. I'll keep trying and see if she develops a taste for it. I am going to give the coupons out on the blog.

Both my sons refused to drink this, because of the flavor. I wouldn't buy this on my own and I don't like the artificial flavors in it.

My daughter took a couple sips and then refused to drink the rest. So I don't think I will be purchasing this in the future. Gave the rest of my samples to a friend that wanted to try them for her son. It's too bad that they taste so bad because I like the convenience of them for traveling.

my child will not drink this doesn't like it....tastes gross