Lifetime The Golden Girls

Lifetime The Golden Girls

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This show always make me laugh and I could watch reruns over and over and it would not get old. Classic!

Wonderful show. I always watch it when i catch it on.

still one of my favorites - I stop to watch when I catch it on.

This show is a timeless classic! All the ladies are entertaining, but Betty White is one of my favorites. It's hard to catch a rerun of "Golden Girls" in my area... however, when I get the opportunity I always stop & watch. I'm so happy that I can still see Betty White in her current show "Hot in Cleveland."

WOnderful show! it is classic!

This is one of my favorite shows of all time. I love the friendship between Blanche, Rose, Dorothy, and Sophia. It is one of the rare shows that makes me laugh out loud. I just got the Complete Series box set (shaped like Sophia's famous purse) for Christmas and I love it :)

I remember watching this show as a kid. Now, with children of my own, they get to watch it, and well all love it! I have yet to see another comedy come close to GG

Fell in love with this show years after it was first run, it's one of my favorite old shows now, wish some of the actors were still alive, they could make some really good new shows.

Absolutely love this show. I remember seeing it for the first time when I was a teenager, and I thought it was hilarious.

I love this show! I watch it everynight when I get home from work.

Great show and I never miss a chance to catch these shows and I have them saved to my DVR

I have always loved this show. I have seen every episode and still watch it regularly.

I watched this show growing up. I even had a purse like sophia at like five years old and My Sister and I would play out our own scenes of "the golden girls". I have time and time again found myself catching re-runs and marathons and the show (although very old) never GETS old. It's a great classic and should be apart of many collections of a dvd shelf.

I love, love this show. The comedy and humor are classic. I have been watching it for the past 2 decades.

i watched this growing up now i watch it with my kids 1 of my fav shows still