Lifetime The Golden Girls

Lifetime The Golden Girls

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Funny I never liked this sow when it first came out, too young maybe, and I still feel the same way. It can get to embarrassing to watch like watching The Brady Bunch.

I just can not stand this show. I tried watching it several times and it was just to boring for me.

this is a good show but it is very much a show i would watch with my grandma :

I enjoy this show. It's good wholesome fun!

OK but not a favorite


I seriously don't understand the fascination with this show. It's strange that it's become 'trendy' to watch it.

Love this show, so funny:)

Love this show, so funny:)

I like this show. I have been watching it for years and find that its kind of like watching Sex and the City. It doesn't matter what your age, you find yourself saying ya, I'm Sofia or I'm Blanch. (I totally want to be Sofia when I get that old!)

Its not a bad show, however, I feel it is on way too much. There are a lot of good TV shows out there from the past that I would like to see as well. The Mary Tyler Moore Show, Rhoda, Dick Van Dyke Show.!!!

I no longer own a TV, but I loved this show when it originally aired, and the topics it addressed - especially some of the issues surrounding elders.

I watched this show all the time.

Terrific show. Sophia really made this show especially funny. Know lots of (even younger) people who really enjoy this show (including men), so it's a real classic...that will live forever in reruns.

One of the funnier shows on tv. Always gaining a little wisdom from the ladies!