Gillette Venus Spa Breeze Razor

Gillette Venus Spa Breeze Razor

              Rated #16 in Shaving & Hair Removal
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Smooth I like this disposable razor. I get a smooth shave where I need it and it does not feel like I am shaving with Sandpaper. I have bought razors and the first time I use them, I feel like they were dull. NOT Venus.

EH I personally did not like this product. The gel it has made it to wear the razor just sled down my leg and didn't cut anything. I had stubble every single time I used this. The smell it gave off wasn't bad though.

Extra smooth Venus razors i love! Leave me feeling extra soft with no knicks! I also love how smoothly they glide and they have a great scent to them!

One of the best brandsof women's razors!!! Glides smoothly over the contours of my body. Leaves my skin silky smooth and touchable. A lovely fragrance as well and n need for any shave cream or gel because of their moisture strips on all sides of the razor head. There are a few different scents, types, and a couple razor head styles, depending on which product is being used around the razor head. They have disposable razors with a few different types and scents. There's also deal bundle packages. Individual razor bodies and their are different styles and types. They also have a variety of different razor heads that have different products around the razor head and they all usually have different colors too.

Great razor Leaves skin silky smooth. Nice close shave. Moisturizes skin

Smooth to the touch I love these razors, they are easy to use and leave my skin very smooth. I wish they were on sale more often

Venus razors are awesome Venus razors are the best for a close shave, good grip, and leaving your skin nice and smooth.

Close shave I love this product! Whenever I use this product I have a smooth close shave every time!

No more razor bumps This can be used on any part of your body, no cuts and no bumps. Great for gently removing hair from your body.

I love the spa razors by venus because they leave my legs so soft after shaving, and they also keep my legs from ever being dry or getting razor burn after a shave.

Not Up To Par This razor does ok but in all honesty, I'm pretty disappointed. It likes to knick my skin and it doesn't get a good, close shave like I expect it to. I find myself having to go over the same spots several times to get all the hair. I won't be buying these again.

Great for skin I love Venus shavers and the shaver works well and smells amazing I like how it hydrates and conditions the skin for a nice clean smooth shave.

No pain shaving This razor worked very well. I?ve used them the past few times I?ve bought razors. They give me a nice, close shave without giving me knicks or cuts. I think they also glide a bit better than most razors, so it doesn?t take me as long to shave.

silky I like the Gillett products. My favorite is the original or the Embrace. I find the product with the lotions slip .( I am always in a rush and rarely take my time ) Overall, this product does a great job and leaves your skin soft

Great razor! I have been using Gillette for years- and I love it! Works great and I don't nick myself near as often with this product- very easy to use and inexpensive- I would highly recommend this product!