CBS Big Bang Theory

CBS Big Bang Theory

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I really like this show. The charaters are super funny. I don't get to watch it often but enjoy it when I do.

This is not one of my favorites, as there are so many other shows to watch, but I still really like to watch. The characters make me laugh, and the story is good.

Not a bad show. Very funny!

I always heard people talk about who awesome this show was and I always thought it sounded lame until my boyfriend sat me down for a marathon of it! To my surprise it was great! Very funny and enjoyable! It is now our new favorite show to watch together. (:

Very funny---

I have watched TBBT since season one. I have to say, it started off very strong but unfortunately the past two maybe even three seasons have lacked the humor and wit it began with. The show would benefit from taking some risks with the character development.

Love this show. It always makes me laugh.

Love this show. It always makes me laugh.


Took me a while to get into it but it is funny on a totally different level. Shows the quirkiness of some "geeks." LOL

Such a funny show. It's been on forever but is still top notch!

I must say that Sheldon made me not want to watch the show, but after a few episodes I find myself watching it more and more. I want Sheldon to get it but he always seem to get someone else and make them look and/or feel stupid. My favorite episode is the one where Walowitz sings to Bernadette at the Cheesecake Factory. It is a gotta watch.

A great adult humor show.

I started watching this the first season and fell in love with it. It was different and at a time when we didn't have many choices other than "reality" shows. I still watch it sometimes but like most shows that run for a long time I got a little bored with it every week.

After watching a few episodes of this show, I find it quite funny. Though it doesnt take a rocket scientist to get all the jokes and puns that they makes, it can however get a little confusing. I love how they have the battle of the sexes moments and how majority of the guys have such intelligence. I give this show a thumbs up!