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CBS Big Bang Theory

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I try to watch this show and while I love that a lot of the Roseanne actors are on the show, it just seems to be the same situation and the same show over and over. I get it, you're a bunch of geeks looking to score. Next!

I'm part of the minority that just does not like this show. I don't find it funny and the laugh tracks after every sentence are just annoying and unnecessary. I know a lot of people who like it but I just can't get into it.

Can't get in to the show. Corny and weird in my opinion.

Some people LOVE this show, but I just don;t get it. I have tried to get into it but EVERY episode is about nerds looking to get laid.

I am sorry but I find this show offensive. It has all of the pre-conceived ideas of "nerds" (glasses, clothing, socially ill, shy...) and I don't consider myself one of them but I have many friends who are and they are also very offended. I don't think making them cute or funny makes the jokes and the show fun or even interesting. I am not learning anything different and the show is just a big joke to everyone but them. I am surprised that there are so many viewers: it is not helping anybody and just perpetuates bad jokes and encourages kids to continue to bully the nerds because they now think they "know" how they think and how they get hurt or how they think. I wish I could give no stars but when I submit it would not let me put none. I know there are not much good comedy out there that is not cheap laughs, dysfunctional families or plain stupid but try The middle and see the difference: real family situations where the whole family gets involved and grows together. They fall, they are not perfect but they love each other and find real solutions. It is very refreshing and clean fun, family-friendly.

Loved the first few seasons, but it's become a show about socially awkward people, rather than smart, socially awkward people. It's lost a lot of its charm, unfortunately.

I keep hearing for years now how great this show is. My husband likes this show and I do not! I have never found humor in it or anything worth watching? I realize that I am the minority on this one because of the high rating but this show just does not thrill me and hasn't since day one!

Smart shows about dumb people Vs Dumb shows about smart people I loved this show when it first came out. The comedy was SMART and witty. The constant references to scientific theories and physic's many principles mixed the the awkward and socially incompetence Sheldon Cooper gave for an interesting and at times informative show. However I found Sheldon totally unrelatable, as he's extremely intelligent and a remarkable scientist. Thant was what got me thinking, what exactly is the show's demographic? Who are they attempting to relate to here? Is it Penny the "normal" beautiful waitress? Leonard the smart somewhat unattractive yet somehow relatable scientist? Or Sheldon the over the top unrelatable socially incompetent genius. The premise of the show is debatable. While some people think Leonard is the protagonist others think it's Penny and few others think it's Sheldon that the show is based around. Clearly there are very few people that can relate to Sheldon so basing a show on such a limited demographic is not the best idea. So Sheldon's out. Some think Leonard is the protagonist claim it's a smart guy's struggle to land the beautiful girl of his dreams (who very predictably always dates the bad boys). Other's claim the show is aimed towards regular people that have smart friends i.e. Penny's relationship with the guys. Whatever your opinion is, in short the show has declined in quality after the first season. The show is now a poor attempt at "nerd-humor" by simply dropping ill placed references, creating intentionally awkward situations that would never in a million years really happen and recycling jokes. Don't get me wrong the show can be entertaining, but after watching multiple seasons it's become quite evident that it's not going to improve any time soon. Shows are a tricky business. For those who like comedy, shows like Arrested Development is just about the epitome of a quality smart comedy. Arrested development is clearly a smart comedy about dumb people while The Big Bang Theory is a dumb show about smart people.

I don't get it. I mean, I get the humor and I get that they're trying to make it funny, but it all seems way too forced for me. It's not even like slapstick forced, it's just pushing overused jokes to make average people feel smart because "smart" characters are making the jokes.

Don't car for this show. It is hard for me to watch stupid. Sorry My friends love it.

I consider myself a bit of a nerd so the humor appeals to me. But there are times where I am like that is not funny.... and the laughter tracks start to annoy me. try watching the show without the laughter tracks. its REALLY dry.


Just started wathcing this show because around 6pm there is nothing to watch. It is an okay show.

Funny comedy!

it s funny show but not my favourite!!!