e.l.f. Cosmetics Liquid Eyeliner

e.l.f. Cosmetics Liquid Eyeliner

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I do like ELF cosmetic. But this eyeliner flakes off very easily. Also I've notice that when you put it on your eyes it's looks quite plastic. It's not like others where it looks very matte. I guess i should say. It's great for it's price but for the quality it could have been better.

I'm not big into this type of liner but I do like this one from e.l.f.

these are okay. hey apply very nice and smooth but they rub off soooooo easily!

I had never used a liquid eye liner before purchasing this product. I had purchased other e.l.f products before and really liked them. I like the coverage of this product, but I don't like ow I have to keep my eyes closed for about a minute after applying to make sure the liner is dry. The color seems to stay on really well and I have enjoyed using it for more dramatic night looks.

I hate this eyeliner! I was hoping I would love it, considering it's only $1, but I was so dissapointed. 1) The smell is horrible! 2) The applicator is crap! 3) It flakes like crazy! 4) It kinda burns! I would not reccomend this at all! Pay the extra $5 and get a Revlon one! lol

This is a great eyeliner! Very comparable to pricier brands. Like with all liquid eyeliner, you need to have a steady hand to apply it to get good results. It doesn't flake or budge at all.

DO NOT BUY THIS. I was pretty happy when I got this product until I tried it. Worst liquid liner I have ever used. It flakes horribly. The applicator was junk, nothin was really good for me with this product.

This stuff flakes. Dont' get me wrong, I love ELF and there are a lot of products that they make that are awesome but I think we need to be honest about their products that aren't great because they have so many good things you don't want to get a bad impression from one. Anyway yea one star for going on smooth (esp. the black) and it looks great at first but then after a day at work it looks like I have gaps on my eyelids bc a little chunk has flaked off. It looks so weird. The other star is because it was only $1 so even though I have 3 of them, they aren't a huge waste. There are so many better drugstore versions, I'd just get the revlon colorstay instead if you really wanted an affordable liquid liner.

one word CRAP. looks like plastic, doesn stick to my skin n non at all water prrof.

this is a great liquid eyeliner! last all day, easy to use felt tip applicator. im a big fan, especially for the cheap price! i have only used the black, but i am happy with the color and consistency.

its ok im used to pencil eyeliner so its a little messy and the colors aren't excatily how they look online

It is a good waterproof eyeliner. The product has never smudged on me. My main problem with it is the applicator. It is almost impossible to get a nice thin line. So if you like a more dramatic look then this works. For a natural look, not so much.