e.l.f. Cosmetics Liquid Eyeliner

e.l.f. Cosmetics Liquid Eyeliner

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one word CRAP. looks like plastic, doesn stick to my skin n non at all water prrof.

DO NOT BUY THIS. I was pretty happy when I got this product until I tried it. Worst liquid liner I have ever used. It flakes horribly. The applicator was junk, nothin was really good for me with this product.

I hate this eyeliner! I was hoping I would love it, considering it's only $1, but I was so dissapointed. 1) The smell is horrible! 2) The applicator is crap! 3) It flakes like crazy! 4) It kinda burns! I would not reccomend this at all! Pay the extra $5 and get a Revlon one! lol

I hated this product only because the brush was so hard and didnt move to apply the eyeliner on ... it hurt my eye line area so i took it right back to the store...

This eyeliner flakes off on me and it takes awhile to dry. I needed to apply the eyeliner four times to get the color intensity I wanted. It wears off easily throughout the day. I will never buy this product again. Doesn't work for me. I used it in black and brown.

the felt tip one runs out REALLY fast only really works for one or 2 uses kinda not even worth the dolor

i dont really like this eyeliner i love everything else at elf but this id so far the only thing i dont care fore i dont like the way it go'ss on and it dont last for me and it cracks .. i thought maybe the one i got was bad so i got another one and tried it and same thing i dont like the tip of the wound its hard i wish it was soft

Did not like it at all. The formula was too runny. I thought it was just the one that I tried so I tried it again but that one was runny as well. They also flake very badly and smell strange. Again this happened on more than one occasion. Not worth it even at the cheap price.

I like most Elf products, however this Liner is very watery & messy. will not buy again.

I couldn't resist spending a dollar to try this. Hated it. Before I was finished applying it, it was already running. Way too hard to apply and couldn't use it anyway. One hard earned dollar down the drain. Oh well.

didnt like this. dries out too quick. not black enough either

I like some of the elf products but this eyeliner is no good I comes off very easy it doesn't last that long.

Very black but very watery. Too messy to take off too!

It's not pigmented and is really watery!!

It was a dollar so I'm not too upset but it was absolutely awful. The brush it came with was laughable and it was just a mess. It had no precision. Also, the liner rubbed off within an hour or faded. However, initially it was very black. I prefer the wet n wild one if you're looking for something cheap!