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  • dogtrainer By  dogtrainer    

    Razor does a great job the first time

    I love the Gillette Venus Spa Breeze Razor as it does a great job getting off all the hair without having to keep going over the same areas. I find it doesn't scratch my skin as I shave-I do recommend this product!

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  • Dripqueen By  Dripqueen    

    Very good razor!!!! P.s. this product leaves no razor bumps.

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  • Bonitaj6453 By  Bonitaj6453    

    Breeze- Good Product

    Absolutely Love it. I have very sensitive skin as well as thick hairs on my legs and under arms.,so most razors are my enemy! Ionly rate it a 4 because I don't get very many uses from it.

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  • Exclusivelymi By  Exclusivelymi    

    Decent razor, didn?t give me any issues and I used with soap. I have very sensitive skin and this worked well for me.

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  • artenzie By  artenzie    

    Works Well

    Works pretty well if you lather up with soap first. I did get a couple of nicks when I used less soap. Overall it's a good razor and I was satisfied with my purchase.

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  • hetty1209 By  hetty1209    

    I use these for myself and my daughter's! These are probably one of the best razors I have found so far! They never leave my legs cut up like some razors do. And I love the way my legs feel after using them!

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  • artemisa24 By  artemisa24    

    I liked it at first but after a second use it made my skin a little irritated and red. I would use this as a last choice

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  • Beck70 By  Beck70    

    Great Razor

    I love all Venus products! This particular razor works great! Leaves you with smooth legs. Also lasts for quite a few shaves👍

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  • Sassysage72 By  Sassysage72    

    Best Razor Ever Made

    I honestly believe this is the best razor out there. U don't need shaving cream or anything, just water. It leaves your legs silky smooth. Will continue using this product as long as they keep making them.

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  • hihihi By  hihihi    

    i would recommend

    Pretty sharp and smooth. I would suggest this product. I personally don't even have to use shaving cream with this.

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  • Kfreezy730 By  Kfreezy730    

    these do the job but it is overpriced. Try dollar shave club instead!

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  • Kittykatt1976 By  Kittykatt1976    

    All star product

    I've tried several different razors but this one is one of the best I've used recently hands down go to product if you like a super close shave gets every hair stays sharp for a long time no cuts or nicks I was really surprised when it worked like a five blade razor it wasn't expensive great quality try it I'd buy this again

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  • monteque By  monteque    


    I like this disposable razor. I get a smooth shave where I need it and it does not feel like I am shaving with Sandpaper. I have bought razors and the first time I use them, I feel like they were dull. NOT Venus.

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  • AnnanMatt2018 By  AnnanMatt2018    


    I personally did not like this product. The gel it has made it to wear the razor just sled down my leg and didn't cut anything. I had stubble every single time I used this. The smell it gave off wasn't bad though.

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  • Alongmire By  Alongmire    

    Extra smooth

    Venus razors i love! Leave me feeling extra soft with no knicks! I also love how smoothly they glide and they have a great scent to them!

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