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  • mdkbasher By  mdkbasher    

    Good shampoo

    It is a good quality shampoo. It's result is good. I enjoy it so much.

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  • wdionisiolover By  wdionisiolover    

    soft and smooth

    i so love this product, it leaves my skin so soft and smooth after showering. It doesnt have any harsh chemicals that leave my skin dry. its so gentle and cleans my skin perfectly.

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  • dmcshannon By  dmcshannon    

    Smells awesome.

    Love to use DOVE shampoo and conditioner. Leaves my hair soft and clean with a good scent.

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  • jagerwench By  jagerwench    

    Best Hair Products!

    I love Dove products and this is no exception. It has a great scent and leaves my hair soft and healthy.

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  • quackers50 By  quackers50    

    Would recommend to anyone!

    This product is great for my hair. Leaves it feeling so smooth. Two products in one makes life so much easier and it works great!

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  • Mecombrink77 By  Mecombrink77    

    Leaves my hair soft

    This leaves my hair so soft and my hair seems less damaged. One of my favorite shampoo and conditioner combos. I recommend trying it.

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  • jazzycamino06 By  jazzycamino06    


    I LOVEEE THIS PRODUCT. its been my favorite shampoo ever since I bought it for the first time. and it doesnt strip out your natural hair oils.

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  • Blair199120 By  Blair199120    

    Almost perfect

    This shampoo and conditioner is seriously almost perfect. It leaves your hair completely silky, soft, and not frizzy, in the least bit, which is a major problem for me. The only issue I have with this particular Dove Product (s) is that it will strip your hair of its color. I have naturally dark brown hair and for most of my life now, I have been getting blonde highlights in probably 80 percent of my hair and after using it for a few weeks it stripped those highlights and made them very dull and lifeless. So it is great other than that aspect.

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  • missdrp By  missdrp    

    Just OK!

    I have used this product on various occasions and find that it is not all that moisturizing. I am African American and perhaps my skin is drier due to age. I find that the Olay Age Defying body wash is so much better!

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  • Alphamom08 By  Alphamom08    

    Super moisturizing

    Hands down most moisturizing wash around! Love the feeling of baby soft skin ! So nourishing.

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  • Michellerenee101 By  Michellerenee101    

    Love this.

    Love love love this product, it always leave my hair feeling so smooth and less damaged. The smell is fantastic as well. I would definitely recommend this for all hair types also.

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  • Griseida By  Griseida    

    Not for me

    It made my hair so greasy and oil, within hour's of washing my hair with it. It did have a nice texture and scent buy would never buy it again. it is a product that is not designed for people who have oily hair. Not good for me

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  • ashley1988 By  ashley1988    

    i love it

    is makes my hair and my sisters hair soft and we love it walmart has itt

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  • Amber554 By  Amber554    

    I?m sorry but Dove is the absolute best body wash around I only use dove!! The smell is great and leaves your skin feeling great not Dryed out!

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  • Criselle By  Criselle    

    Sent From Heaven.

    Firstly when you have thick, long, curly hair you need a great product to assist you with the maintenance of your hair. Dove came along and just made my job easy it's really amazing and made me love my hair more and I dont stress about it anymore.

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