HBO True Blood

HBO True Blood

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I love this show as much as I loved the books even though they don't follow the books to the letter. The only thing wrong is that the show isn't long enough and you have to wait a week to see another episode!

I read all of the books before the show came out so I was completely jazzed to see it! The show is a bit different from the books but Oh my word....I have to say it works! I watched and recorded every show the first season and then when it came out, I bought the first season on DVD. It just gets better and better and having read the books, it keeps me guessing as to what they will keep and what they will change. Overall one of my few favorites shows!!!

Love this show~ Vamps are so cool *giggle*

Very addicting! The books are great too!

I'm hooked - can't wait for sunday night

I decided to give this show a shot after being hooked on Stephanie Meyer's Twilight series and waiting for the movie's release. I love this show and am completely hooked. I even have my boyfriend watching it and if you love the show, check the book series. They are great too but they are some differences between the show and books.

OH MY FURKIN' GOODNESS!!!!! I LOVE this show!!!! I caught onto it a season late but made that up in no time.

This show is sexy, scary and keeps you guessing what will happen next.

i knew i was going to fall in love with this show once i saw the previews. and here i am now hooked and hating to wait a week for the next episode

For my husband and I, this has become "Our" show. Probably the only one we both love. Can't miss an episode.

I think the acting is horrible, almost kitsch. However, having said that. I will continue to watch it and think of it as a comedy.

Great show...decent casting...I hope they don't cancel another solid show like they did with Carnival and Rome.....FYI...needs to be watched from the beginning!

I love this show and I wish there were more shows with this theme. I love vampire movies.

Was a fan of the books long time before they brokered the deal for HBO. So pleased with the way Alan Ball has taken Charlaine's vision and tweaked it in so many surprising ways. I don't mind the Sex O'Vision that much though lol. Ironically there isn't that much sex that takes place in the book, but I can see why Ball is taking advantage (rightly so) of HBO's tendencies to be a little bit risque and over the top. I would too if I were him. The books are divine, but sex sells and if that's what it takes to draw more people in every week, I say bring it! The acting is brilliant and I'm so glad they've put together a growing cast of actors that bring the books to life every week.

I love this show! I bought the first season boxed set the day it came out and have read all of the novels that the show is based on. I have gotten some of my friends into the show too. One couple went so far as to upgrade their TV service so that they could have HBO just to see TrueBlood.