Linda's Essentials Cactus Baby Teething Toy Toothbrush

Linda's Essentials Cactus Baby Teething Toy Toothbrush

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Great Christmas gift, 6 month old son loves it! We requested this as a gift for our 6 month old son for Christmas. He hasn't started teething yet but he's very interested in tasting everything, so I thought this would be good for oral exploration and teething when they start coming through. I've "brushed" his gums multiple times, which he really seemed to enjoy, and now when I give it to him to play with he is able to manipulate it well. It's a perfect size for him, and I love that it has a hole for a pacifier clip, although we haven't used it yet. Super easy to keep clean, we've run it through our sterilizer multiple times with no issues. Highly recommend, and it's a cute alternative to the banana toothbrush teether.