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Preggie pop Preggie Pop Drops

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A huge fan! As a mom who has experienced the trials of morning sickness firsthand, I can confidently say that Preggie Pop Drops are a true lifesaver. These little candies have become my go-to remedy during pregnancy, providing much-needed relief from nausea and queasiness. What sets Preggie Pop Drops apart is their effectiveness. Crafted with natural ingredients like ginger and lemon, these drops work wonders in soothing an upset stomach. Whether I'm dealing with morning sickness in the early stages of pregnancy or struggling with nausea later on, a few Preggie Pop Drops quickly ease my discomfort and help me get through the day with greater ease. I also appreciate the convenience of Preggie Pop Drops. Their portable packaging means I can keep them close at hand wherever I go. Whether I'm at home, at work, or out running errands, I always have a tin of Preggie Pop Drops in my purse for quick relief whenever nausea strikes. This convenience has been a game-changer for me, allowing me to manage my symptoms with ease and carry on with my daily activities.

I used these when I was pregnant. They helped cut down on nausea. The flavors were great .

I solutely loved these!! They saved me slot. I was extremely sick with both pregnancies. With my second I found these. Wish I would have found them earlier. I recommend them to everybody!

While I was lucky and didn't really have morning sickness, i bought these in preparation for it. They were delicious and I was glad that they were free of gross ingredients.

Worked for Me These really helped me during the first trimester when I was feeling really nauseous. They don?t completely eliminate the nausea, but they certainly help settle your stomach and make you feel more comfortable for some time. I definitely say try these and see if they help you. Unfortunately, there is no way to completely eliminate the nausea.

I lived on these while pregnant with my daughter, they were the only thing to help my morning sickness!

These are a must have for any pregnant mama experiencing morning sickness. These allowed me to work through my first trimester when nothing else helped to ease my tummy.

Helped me through 1st trimester tummy trouble I pretty much lived on Preggie Pops for the worst few weeks of my morning sickness during my first pregnancy. These really helped calm my stomach. All 3 flavors are great but green apple was my favorite. I do think the price is a little high considering its hard candy but it worked so it was worth every penny!

Helpful on the go! I was very nauseated those first few months in both of my pregnancies, and I found these very helpful. I think there are many flavors to try from, but I found the most help from the sour flavors. I used the candies and they helped when I needed something to grab quickly or risk vomiting.

Being pregnant can be a very exhausting experience, add on all the lovely side effects and it's just down right horrible. Creating a life is such a great feeling but morning sickness is not. I am in my second trimester and I have horrible morning sickness. I tried all the remedies ginger ale, crackers, peppermint, tums, and just about every home remedy my mom was recommending. I was shopping one day and came across Preggie Pops! Natural and drug free I saw them and thought why not give it a chance nothing else seems to be helping. I put one in my mouth and I felt so much better it was amazing how one little hard candy drop could make me feel so wonderful. I was able to eat and go out with friends without feeling like I was gonna throw up every five minutes. Preggie pops helped my nausea and has made my pregnancy a better experience. The only downside I would say would is to add more flavors, they only 4 different flavors. If your having bad morning sickness I would highly recommend trying this out!

Great naseau relief! Love these drops! They taste really good and curb the nausea that you may feel throughout the day. They are a little pricy for the amount you get in the container however I feel that they help with not feeling so well. Would highly recommend to others.

Love em I loved these they definitely helped and great flavors so they weren't nasty to suck on

Worked like magic Great flavors that the flavor actually lasted throughout. These really work and with out them I don't know what else i would of done. Worked great and were edible any time of day the sugars in them were subtle enough you could sleep right after eating one if you get morning sickness or were nauseous all day.

Lifesaver I was so sick when I was pregnant and these would help to take the edge off

Very helpful, but didn't like all the flavors. When I had nausea the sourness of these really helped so that I wouldn't get sick. My only complaint is that I didn't care for the lemon ones. So I always had those leftover. It would be nice if they sold just the raspberries by themselves or just the green apples that by himself.