Polar Seltzer

Polar Seltzer

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I think Polar Beverages may be a regional product available in most parts of New England, because I was not able to find any on the west coast. Since becoming addicted to seltzer when I was pregnant with my son, I practically live on this stuff. There are other brands available, but none seem to put as much thought and care into their flavors, and all of their flavors are made with only two ingredients; natrual flavors and carbonated water. No sodium, sugar, or caffiene, just delicious bubbly water. They also release seasonal flavors every year, like pumpkin spice in the fall, and mint chocolate in the winter. My personal year round favorite flavors are Orange Vanilla and Strawberry.

Polar Seltzer is my favorite brand of seltzer. I was excited to see that they introduced an Orange Vanilla - it tastes sinfully delicious! The Polar brand is made of natural ingredients - so you can feel good drinking it. It's a nice departure from still water. Over the holidays, they had an Eggnog flavor - delicious way to get the flavor without all the fat and calories!

Very tasty. Try mixing with Juice like fruit punch, orange juice and your favorite sodas

perfect zero calorie drink. good for diets

LOVE seltzer! Polar is a favorite (and local) brand in our house! We always have anywhere from 1-8 cases of this stuff in the garage. We drink it like water, literally. I love breaking up my daily water intake or punching up some juice or iced tea with a can of carbonated water. All the flavors are great. Original is my favorite lately because it's a good neutral base

Great variety of flavors Polar Pomegranate is my all time favorite seltzer. I grew up drinking Polar brand and I love that I can buy it now for my family. Flavorful, calorie-free, refreshing - what more could I want?