Neutrogena Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes

Neutrogena Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes

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Best Make-up Remover This product leaves your skin feeling soft and hydrated after removing make-up. One towelette is all you need.

Makeup Remover Wipes It's good for when you are really tired and just rushing around to get things done so you can go to bed.

Great for in a rush Great for when you are wanting to take off your makeup in a rush. It does leave a residue on my skin afterwards if I don't immediately wash it.

outdated I wish I could fully recommend this product - I used these for years and they're pretty effective but ultimately terrible for your skin (too much pulling) and bad for the environment too. I really recommend a cleansing balm instead but in a pinch these will do the trick!!

Clean and refreshing these leave your face so refreshed and removes all the makeup with one wipe

So soft These powerful wipes are a classic and a must have for anyone who wears makeup, I?ve tried to many makeup remover wipes and they all feel scratchy or too wet. They?ve really perfected the make up wipe and I won?t buy anything else

Absolutely the best! I have been using these for years, they are by far the best and the only ones that I will ever use!

Best all around makeup remover! These are one of if not the best makeup removers out there! They are moist enough and strong enough to remove all of your makeup, even waterproof mascara. I have tried many different brands over the years but these work the best that I have found. They are also very soft and gentle for your skin.

No Better Makeup Remover Exists! I have tried all of the high end, high priced makeup removers in liquid form and cloth form. There does not exist any better makeup remover on the market today. I discovered these by accident when I was buying last minute items for a trip. I was going to be off the grid for portions of my trip, but still wanted to look descent for photos. I continue to buy them for daily use today. They are so soft and the fragrance smells like a pure clean breeze on a Spring day. But this is the reason I can?t stop using them?..They take waterproof mascara off like it is nothing!

Works great I've used this for years and they've never once given me a breakout and always has taken off my makeup very well, even the stubborn kind!

Great makeup wipes! I've used these wipes for years now and they never disappoint. They remove makeup, oil, dirt, and impurities super well with very minimal scrubbing. The wipe is so soft and gentle on skin. These are my go-to makeup remover wipes! I definitely recommend trying them!

Don't get this- please read. These work, but they aren't the best for your skin nor the environment. They are harsh on your skin, and they create a lot of waste in the environment. Try a cleansing balm or cleansing wash or a micellar water instead.

Wonderful product! I've used these for quite a while. They are large enough to get all my makeup off when I wear it. Cool and comforting and they smell nice. This past year when I've very seldom worn makeup I use them for a quick face cleaning without having to use soap and water. We camp a lot and they are perfect for that!

4stars Works well until sheets get dried out which is before pack is empty.

Gets dried out Neutrogena has wonderful products. The only problem I had with the makeup remover, since I don't use makeup every day, was that the sheets get dried out too soon.