Book of Eli Movie

Book of Eli Movie

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Thumbs down for me. Didn't interest me very much. I think i fell asleep during the movie for a bit...

This movie was very interesting. I do not believe in religion and it was still great to watch.

I found this movie very shocking at the end. Needs more emotion tho. It was like they squeezed in all the emotion towards the end. I wasn't really into it.

Sounds very interesting!! I would like to get it!!

What would you do if you had the choice to reign over others with the power of God? That is exactly the premises behind "The Book of Eli." Denzel Washington travels miles upon miles with no real desire to find salvation, why? Because he carries salvation with him always, in the form of the last real tangible Bible. I was impressed with the settings they were very unsettling and spooky but when it came to meeting people along the way the stories were rather lacking. The thing that impressed me the most was the story being surrounded by the idea of holding the power of God in your very hands. Gary Oldman's character was obsessed with the idea that he could do so much good if he had the Bible and that he could be the one to change the world back to what it was. Sadly though his true colors are exposed and he is shown to be just as guilt of sin as all the rest that he looks down upon. Gripping at times and set to a fascianting story and location the Book of Eli makes us ponder our own place in life and how important hope and belief is to humanity. Thanks to Washington sharing the faith with Mila Kunis, a child born into ignorance will be the one to keep the faith and change the world.

I enjoyed this movie. I was very surprised at the ending. Usually I figure out the ending before the movie finished but this one took me totally by surprised I had to re watch.

Watched this with my husband and a couple of our friends. I loved it! It was a very easy movie to follow, which surprised me because of what I had gathered from the ads. The story line was simply beautiful too. Great movie for men OR women!

Amazing Movie Me and hubby watched this amazing movie (Book of Eli). It was well done and keep you very interested. To our surprise that Denzel (Eli) was blind which made the movie even better.

compelling Well shot and a compelling story. Will keep your attention.

Very Great Movie! I ❤️ this movie! It definitely makes you think about the end times!! Good twist at end didn't see coming!!

I loved this movie! I remember I had no idea what it was about when I sat down to watch it but I quickly was intrigued with the story and it was really touching PLUS there was a huge twist in the end that totally caught me off guard. It was awesome!

Loved this movie.

Amazing movie

I loved this movie it made you think

its very intresting