ABC Grey's Anatomy

ABC Grey's Anatomy

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Grey's Anatomy filled the whole in my life that ER left behind. The characters are complex and relatable. The acting is superb. Not to mention that the storylines have me tuning in week after week in such anticipation of what will happen next. Each time I hear that it is being renewed I do a little happy dance.

I LOVE Greys! I'm in nursing school and found it to be pretty accurate, and made remembering certain procedures for exams really easy. Not to mention a that the characters are funny, relatable, and the male surgeons are pretty good looking. The only thing I don't see happening where I work is my coworkers making out in the clean rooms. I can't miss an episode

This is one of my fave shows! I always look forward to watching on thursday nights. And watch re-runs on lifetime.

I am completely obsessed with this show! I love the intense relationships that go on, the drama, the work environment, It holds my attention, when I first started watching this, I couldn't stop till I found out what was going to happen between Meredith and Derek! Love this show!

This show is amazing, i watched every season and im sooo hooked on this show. It constantly keeps you on the edge of your seat , and you never know what is going to happen next

I've grown to LOVE this show. I was a little heart broken when the owen/christina drama took place, but it looks like it might not be permanently YAY! I also love the dynamic between Mer and christina. I hate waiting a month for the new episode, its killing me!

Love this show! Nice story line combined with drama to keep you engaged and the medical emergencies keep you on your toes.

I have watched Greys since the beginning. Love the story lines.

one of my favs

I LOVE THIS SHOW! I can sit and watch it from Season 1 over and over again!!! Hands Down BEST SHOW ON TV

My favorite show I love it I can sit and watch the reruns over and over :-)

What can't you say about Greys!! This show I've been a fan of since they first aired the show 5 years ago!! Since getting rid of ER years ago, this is a great show about doctors, nurses and surgeries and relationships.. Love Love this show, its a must see on Thursdays, bummed its not on over Summer break.

LOVE LOVE this show. Great story line and amazing actors. This show can make me laugh so hard but yet at times makes me cry so hard. Great Great!! Must see

Love the show. It has humor, tears , and its just a great show to watch. The characters are great.

I love Grey's Anatomy! I've been watching it right from the beginning and I love how the characters have evolved over the years. Most of us as fans want happiness for MerDer and Christina/Owen, but I think the creator of the show, Shonda Rhimes is right in taking the story line where she has. Especially this season between Christina and Owen. The fans want everything perfect between these couples but the reality of life is that things aren't always perfect and Shonda is showing us that. The other thing I absolutely adore about Grey's is the MUSIC!!!!!! How can you not be involved and be touched when you hear that music! You can buy a soundtrack cd of the music you hear on the show. I know Grey's can't last forever and I don't think we really want it to, but in the meantime it sure is a great gig!