Born Free Glass Baby Bottle

Born Free Glass Baby Bottle

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This is a product I wouldn't buy for my daughter to expensive and the glass has a chance of breaking if dropped and thats a risk I'm not willing to take

I will not use a glass bottle with my daughter, she is too rough. Would never risk it.

our baby does like this bottle, refused to drink milk or formula from it,we have to switch to avent .

i don't like the glass ones.

i have never really felt safe using glass for an indants bottle

they are to heavy and i have seen them break before

I don't feel safe using glass bottles with children even if it's shatterproof

I didnt use it very long because my son hated the nipple. I never really liked it, the bottle was a bit bigger than I wanted and hand cleaning all the parts to make it have less air was a huge pain. My son had the same amount of gas with these bottles as with a cheaper set

good product but too expensive and i wasnt too happy about the glass since i have other kids at home too.,

I still don't think glass is a great idea for baby bottles. Easily breakable and more expensive.

No glass for my infant. I have four kids at home so I do not want glass around for them to accidentally break. The only thing about glass that's a positive is glass is easier to clean, and it gets truly disinfected versus plastic that stays greasy.

my child didnt like them, to heavy

The glass is a turn off for me, I have a three year old and tile floors. In my house they just would not last.

I just wanted to know if this bottle is helps better to get rid of colic . I have tried just about every bottle that says bpa free and nothing seems to work. Any advice on which bottle is best.

These are very great bottles. They work good and mt baby loves them.