Movie WALL-E

Movie WALL-E

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Well we are the oddballs here. My daughter and I neither one liked it at all. We were so bored I could hardly stay seated in my theatre seat. The mother and daughter that came with us really enjoyed it though, so who know. I have to give it two thumbs down for our family though.

Extremely boring!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

While this is one of the most popular Disney movies I'm always bored out of my mind when I try to watch it.

it was an ok movie.

so cute and funny! different...but cute! :)

My sons favorite movie.not so much for me

very cute story. My two year old and I watch it a few times a month. we both also love robots :)

This movie is so cute! Wall-e is the cutest character ever.

the boys absolutely loved this movie the girls werent as impressed but still watched

I saw the movie with my 3 kids on Disney XD and it warmed my heart. I cried while watching the end. This video is great for those interested in the future, space, machines, and even technology!

I love this movie. It's a great family movie.

An underrated movie for many reasons; Beautifully animated, good for kids & big kids, and a genuine story reminding us not to judge a book by its cover.

This is a really cute kids movie. The whole family enjoyed it! Its funny and cute and has a decent storyline!

I love this movie. At first I did not think that I would enjoy watching it with the little ones but it was a great heart felt story with a great message.

A cute family film with a good lesson attached. This is something the whole family can enjoy.