Share Your Burger Masterpiece & Win

SheSpeaksTeam By SheSpeaksTeam 05.28.21
Share Your Burger Masterpiece & Win
This is a sponsored post for Kraft Heinz Foods Company. 

Are you ready to grill up greatness? SheSpeaks bloggers have made some serious burger masterpieces using tasty Heinz condiments that are inspiring us to fire up the grill, grab a cold drink, and enjoy an amazing BBQ meal outside.

You can easily pick-up Heinz condiments at Target to create your delicious burger masterpiece and submit it to the Heinz Art of the Burger contest for a chance to win. Click here to add Heinz condiments to your Target cart.

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SheSpeaks influencer, Kelsey Klos said this about her burger:
"We have tried just about everything when it comes to a good burger, but you can't beat the CLASSIC. Grilled to perfection with a slice (or two) of Kraft Singles melted to perfection."

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Tatanisha Worthey, SheSpeaks influencer, wrote this:
"Did you know Heinz checks off the list of giving you a sauce you can use and pass on to the next generation? We tried Heinz Kranch (a mix of ketchup and ranch) on our burgers, and oh my goodness, it gave our burgers the extra oomph they needed to create the ultimate grilled burger."

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Jen Powell, SheSpeaks influencer says this:
"We love grilling season and grill at least two to three times per week and create fun recipes to try. Condiments are our favorite and we love to include dipping sauces with a variety of our recipes, and we always turn to Heinz for delicious condiments and sauces."

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  • girlgonemom By girlgonemom

    I love a burger with jalapeno crisps and chilli lime mayo with lots of pickles.

  • mocha2008 By mocha2008

    A toasted sesame seed bun with maynoise, mustard, pickles, thinly sliced red onions, lettuce, tomato and sliced bacon on a grilled well done burger with tons of cheese. Fries or onion rings on the side.

  • tripichick By tripichick

    peanut butter bacon burger

  • kttest By kttest

    Carmalized oinons, bacon, pepperjack cheese 

  • kkcatgirl By kkcatgirl

    Carmelized onions, avacado and sliced swiss all wraped in lettuce!

  • fuzzycricket By fuzzycricket

    Medium grilled burger with catsup, mustard, three pickle slices, american cheese, tomato slice that has been salt and peppered and buttered and toasted bun.  I'm hungry now!

  • quackers50 By quackers50

    I love swiss cheese burgers with grilled onions and mushroom.

  • tvgirl68 By tvgirl68

    Black and blue burger (blackened spiced burger topped with blue cheese) with onions, Heinz catsup. 

  • bert54 By bert54

    I  love a cheesy burger with grilled onions and jalepenos!

  • nooneyouknow By nooneyouknow

    I love a rare to medium rare burger with gruyere cheese. Yum!

  • alluringbrat By alluringbrat

    I love them in sio many ways!

  • brookeblogs By brookeblogs

    I love burgers with cheese, caramelized onions and mushrooms, mayo, and honey mustard - you can leave the bun off, too. :) 

  • bighead2x2 By bighead2x2

    I like to keep it simple. For me it's just the juicy burger on the grill. Maybe some ketchup and yellow mustard. Pickles on the side. Probably skip the bread altogether. Now my husband is a different story. I butter the top and bottom bun and toast it for him. When the burger comes off the grill it gets a slice of cheese, red onion, one piece of lettuce, a thin slice of tomato and a few pickles. 
    Mustard and ketchup-with Mayo on the side

  • tofit4you By tofit4you

    Blue cheese, crispy bacon and mushrooms are the best topping for a burger

  • dianeclaudia By dianeclaudia

    I like my burger medium well with cheddar cheese and extra onions, side of truffle fries.

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