Meet Knudsen Cottage Doubles - Our New Favorite Snack!

SheSpeaksTeam By SheSpeaksTeam 04.13.21
Meet Knudsen Cottage Doubles - Our New Favorite Snack!
Image: @electric_mommy
This is a sponsored post for Knudsen.

We are always looking for easy snack and breakfast ideas, and less prep time is key! We’re super excited about Knudsen Cottage Doubles – a deliciously creamy combo of cottage cheese and fruit, all in one package!

With yummy flavors including mango, blueberry, peach, pineapple, raspberry and strawberry, we know these will be a hit with the whole family. Best of all, it’s a snack that keeps you going throughout your day.

SheSpeaks influencer @sammyapproves says: 
"Knudsen Cottage Cheese has always been a go-to, but I am crazy for their creamy Cottage Doubles from Walmart.They have so many flavors (Raspberry is my favorite) that you can just grab, mix up, and eat. I love having Knudsen Cottage Doubles for a snack or even a meal during the day."

@electric_mommy shared,
"Perfect breakfast for busy mornings! "Knudsen Cottage Doubles are delicious, super creamy + they’re packed w/ 10 grams of protein. They’re also made locally, in California creameries 😎🐮"

Click here to shop for Knudsen Cottage Doubles at Walmart.

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  • motherng By motherng

    What a win-win combo!  Need to try all flavors!

  • malgosia By malgosia

    I love new stuff

  • CartoonSneezer By CartoonSneezer

    I'm not sure how I feel about mixing fruit IN cottage cheese, although I enjoy both separately... 

  • skittles4203 By skittles4203

    The kids weren't to happy with them.. and I still can't get my recipt to upload!!! 

  • ExploreBeautyXO By ExploreBeautyXO

    Just entered! Definitely keeping an eye out for these next time we're at the store 

  • mistress4paws By mistress4paws

    Two of my favorite snacks mixed together

  • gesser11 By gesser11

    These would be perfect for my family's busy, on-the-go, lifestyle! We're always running around for one sport or another activity!

  • franahan By franahan

    A lot of lavor in a small container!

  • kasseaside By kasseaside

    I was skeptical but these are good!

  • reddhedd17 By reddhedd17

    This is so much greatness with cottage cheese and fruit!

  • 4Paws50 By 4Paws50

    I really like cottage cheese and fruit so I'm thinking this looks yummy! 😋 

  • sourdoughpatch By sourdoughpatch

    I've never heard of this brand either, but would be interested to try any of the flavors.

  • Suzyspeaks By Suzyspeaks

    Strawberry would be my favorite!

  • Lildaisy By Lildaisy

    Looks crumbtastic

  • Betzee By Betzee

    Strawberry and Pineapple is my favorite flavors. I would love to try raspberry.

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