Tasty Menu for the Big Game + $50 Gift Card Giveaway! #WalmartBigGameMVPs

SheSpeaksTeam By SheSpeaksTeam 01.25.21
Tasty Menu for the Big Game + $50 Gift Card Giveaway! #WalmartBigGameMVPs
Image: electricmommy.com/not-your-average-fruit-punch/
With the Big Game just around the corner, it’s time to start planning! Planning your menu, that is. The football is great, but the food is better! Don’t you agree? Rely on the MVPs (most valuable products) from Kraft Heinz, Dixie®, Vanity Fair®, and Sparkle® to make your job easy on the big day. Just head to your local Walmart and pick up what you’ll need (or click here to place an online order, even easier!).

Not Your Average Fruit Punch

Let’s kick things off with a punch, because nothing makes you thirstier than cheering for your favorite team, right?! The secret ingredient in this punch is MiO, which gives it a gorgeous color and fruit punch flavor, without adding sugar. Here’s Meghan’s busy mom pro tip: “To keep it simple and to cut down on dishes, set out a stack of Dixie® To Go Cups. They’re a great alternative to using (and washing) real dishes.” Click here to toss the key items for this recipe into your Walmart cart.

BLT Pasta Salad

BLT, meet pasta salad. Now that’s a winning team! Meghan made this recipe too (yes, we should all go to her house next year), and serves her pasta salad with a build-your-own sub station. Yum! And if you cook a little too much, this dish makes for great leftovers!

Caribbean Style Chicken Wings

Kristal says, “These wings are the perfect blend of sweet and spicy, and they are quick and easy to make for the Big Game (or any time)... Did you know that Dixie Ultra® Plates can hold up to two pounds of food?! You don’t have to worry about the plate holding up - see what an awesome job it did with a full plate of wings!” Say no more, we’re sold!

Football Pie Cookie Cups

No viewing party is complete without a dessert, and these are perfectly-themed! Part pie, part cookie, part football (just kidding), all delicious! Dianna’s tip: “Make sure your ingredients, specifically the butter and Philadelphia® Cream Cheese are room temperature. This will make it easier to combine when you create your mini pie shells.”

Even though your game day celebration might look different this year, it doesn’t have to be any less delicious! What are you serving and who are you rooting for?

Click here to shop for all the essentials from Kraft Heinz, Dixie®, Sparkle® and Vanity Fair® for the Big Game at Walmart.

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#WalmartBigGameMVPs Menu Giveaway
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  • vintage20021 By vintage20021

    Fantastic idea

  • aurora88 By aurora88


  • winnie11 By winnie11

    Sounds great!!!

  • mkds41074 By mkds41074

    Great ideas!!

  • nubailey By nubailey

    Excited for the big game and the delicious snacks that I'm going to be serving up to family and friends!

  • nubailey By nubailey

    Excited for the big game and all the delicious snacks that I'm going to be serving up to family and friends!

  • tripichick By tripichick

    i don'tnlikefood

  • ChevygaL4 By ChevygaL4

    I always cheer for everyone lol!  I'll be serving homemade snacks this year  =D

  • reakilgore By reakilgore

    Great food is the only thing I will miss about not going to a Superbowl party this year

  • Suzyspeaks By Suzyspeaks

    The wings look really good!

  • beiveskt By beiveskt

    definitely Paper goods - plates, napkins & paper towels make ALL the difference in a successful Big Game Party ! We eat buffet style, and set out the platters of food, Dixie plates, vanity fair napkins and Sparkle paper towels and you are good to go, and Free to sit & visit watch the game scream for your Team etc etc LOL  and after the Game clean up is a breeze!

  • JPAL7573 By JPAL7573

    such great ideas

  • Jeanamarie By Jeanamarie

    Loved her ideas...want to make them all!

  • dianeclaudia By dianeclaudia

    Looks yummy😋

  • simbalala By simbalala

    So refreshing 

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