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Take Your Self-Care Game Up A Notch: Enter the #PhilipsSatinShaver Giveaway

Take Your Self-Care Game Up A Notch: Enter the #PhilipsSatinShaver Giveaway Image Credit : @chicover50

In 2020, we’ve put self-care at the top of our goal lists. For us, that means investing some time and money into the daily rituals that make us feel our best. Sometimes it’s little things that can make you feel good – like climbing into bed with freshly shaved legs (and clean sheets!).

Last year, we got hooked on the  Philips SatinShave Advanced – this electric shaver for women is a great way to take your shaving game to a new level. We're giving you the chance to win one!

If you haven’t tried an electric shaver before – here’s what you can expect! Philips SatinShave Advanced gives you a smooth shave with less nicks and cuts. It’s especially good for sensitive skin (hooray!), because the pearl tip trimmers protect skin from irritation.

You can use it wet or dry, in or out of the tub – which makes it perfect for travel (it comes in a cute travel pouch!), or days when you’re running too late for a shower, but still need to shave before you’re out the door. Plus, it does double duty as a bikini trimmer.  

We love finding quality tools that make our grooming routines better and easier, with smooth skin as a result. 

We want you to prioritize your self-care– whether that means getting smooth legs with Philips SatinShave in a luxurious, long bath or by making your daily shaving easier on your sensitive skin. 

Click here to purchase Philips SatinShave Advanced at Amazon, and use promo code SATINSHAVE for 10% off at checkout.

We’re giving you the chance to enter to win a Philips SatinShave Advanced below!

Enter the #PhilipsSatinShaver Giveaway (DRAFT)

One lucky entrant will be chosen at random to receive a Philips SatinShave Advanced Wet & Dry Women’s Rechargeable Electric Shaver ($39.99 value). Giveaway is open to U.S. residents 18 years or older. Enter through March 31, 2020. Winner will be chosen randomly by April 2, 2020 and notified by email.

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  • pega1975 By pega1975

    Would love this!

  • spud676 By spud676

    I would love to give this shaver a try!!! 

  • KhaosMother By KhaosMother

    Thank you for the opportunity!! 

  • Nice49erfan By Nice49erfan

    Sounds nice to try out. I like on the go conveniet things! Not saying I would be like on Jetson's in car shaving, well he does his face me my legs. 

  • DJFlowers By DJFlowers

    Would love to try!

  • mrenda By mrenda

    I usually use my husbands razor, oh how he would love that I have my own!

  • WonderWomen72 By WonderWomen72

    This looks amazing and would definitely feel nice on my dry, sensitive legs. Thank you for the opportunity. Good luck everyone!!

  • eview1 By eview1

    i hate to shave  my  legs, i always end up cutting myself some how. thank goodness, i have blond hair and my hair is thin. i like that you dont need shaving cream. 

  • Archie By Archie

    Electric razor would be interesting to have. Never used one before.

  • renejoseph By renejoseph


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