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   By SheSpeaksTeam  Sep 03, 2014

Does your family love games and puzzles? Join us on Tuesday, September 9 at 9pm ET for the #BuzzleBall Twitter Party to talk about Buzzle Ball, a NEW unique puzzle that is now available at Walmart. The Buzzle Ball is a new twist on puzzling and a very engaging brain activity. It’s a perfect gift for kids, ages 8 and up, that combines education and fun! The puzzle challenge is addictive and will provide hours of entertainment. We are giving away prizes every ten minutes!

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The Twitter Party Details
When: Tuesday, September 9th at 9pm ET
Where: Twitter - follow hashtag #BuzzleBall
Brand: @BuzzleBall
Panelists: @zipporahs, @lisasamples, @awakeningaimee, @brettbmartin, @CrissyBeam, @dawnchats, @JessicaMcFadd

Twitter Party Topics:
We're going to talk about games, puzzles and more family fun! We're excited to introduce to you the new Buzzle Ball, now available at Walmart. The Buzzle Ball is a puzzle challenge where you twist and turn the unique pieces until one side is solid blue and the other is solid green with a gray ring around the ball. Players will enjoy the process of learning to solve as well as practicing a speedy solve. We’ll tell you how you can get the most out of this new puzzle and give tips and tricks for how to solve it!

Twitter Party Prizes*:
We’re giving away Buzzle Balls so you can join in on the fun. We’re also giving away Walmart Gift Cards!

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"Join me at the #BuzzleBall Twitter Party w/ @SheSpeaksUp 9/9 at 9pm ET"

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*Prize winners must have RSVP-ed via comments below and be participating in the discussion to win the grand prize. Participants must be following @SheSpeaksUp on Twitter to be eligible to win. Open to United States residents only. One prize allowed per winner. No purchase necessary. Twitter Party prize winners must complete a form with mailing details within 48 hours of the party. The form will be DMed if you win a prize.

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