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  • Starlucero By  Starlucero    


    They are really good for a lot of things. I like to use them to fix my eyeliner

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  • wel21l By  wel21l    

    Theese are by far the best product of it?s kind once in awhile there?s one that is not a good one to use over the years it happens occasionally

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  • Mayalicious13 By  Mayalicious13    

    Best q tips ever!

    These are the best q tips you can ever buy!good quality.

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  • jenrenh By  jenrenh    

    The Best!

    Q-Tips Cotton Swabs are the only cotton swabs I will buy. I have tried the other brands but they just don't compare. Q-Tips Cotton Swabs are great for cleaning many things.

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  • e_zapp16 By  e_zapp16    

    Good quality Q-tips

    My fiancé and I only buy this brand of Q-tips. We have tried buying off brands or cheaper brands and we always find ourselves unhappy with them. May sound silly because there just Q-tips, but other brands seem to be flimsy or the Cotton falls off easily. These are the best in my opinion & work well for just about anything you may need them for.

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  • janiejanie123 By  janiejanie123    

    Excellent Product

    My family and I have never been disappointed with Q-tip brand products. I buy the largest container and use them for personal reasons and crafts! I paint and they are ideal for smoothing colors on canvas and paper. I've been using Q-tips for many decades and they never disappoint.

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  • FurBabies By  FurBabies    

    The Versatile Tip!

    The only brand I trust. They?re soft but durable, unlike other brands. Versatile too! I use them to clean in cracks and crevices of windows, heater vents, inside car, and many other places.

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  • sisydc57 By  sisydc57    

    Good stuff

    Q-tips cotton swabs are great soft and absorbent great for sensitive area's and tricky areas to clean , apply make-up, remove make-up and so many other uses. Great price for a great product.

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  • mallgirl By  mallgirl    

    Classic For A Reason

    There's a reason that these are considered a classic, and that other brands are called "Q-Tips" by many shoppers. These are the original, and they work great. They do EXACTLY what they are supposed to do. You can't find a better Q-Tip product.

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  • TellAllAmy By  TellAllAmy    


    #1 brand used in our home by everyone for health, beauty, to crafts, and cleaning. Household must have item :)

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  • MotherOfMadness2020 By  MotherOfMadness2020    

    Definitely a Q-tip snob right here

    I wish I would have bought stock in this product years ago I would be making $$$ just off my own households use lol with me and 3 daughters we definitely go through the q-tip and no other brand will do they are all lame and bend to easily. I use them for everything especially while doing makeup and deep cleaning!

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  • ycherry By  ycherry    

    Great Working Product!

    Best quality q-tips on the market! The brand that started it all!

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  • Rileym By  Rileym    

    These are a great essential! I love these cotton swabs. They are dual sided which allows for more product in a box and prevents waste. They are very soft and never irritate my skin.

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  • Tay0914 By  Tay0914    

    It helps with cleaning my ears, dusting inside tony holes, and also cleaning my dab rig or sharpening my eyeliner.

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  • SkincareJen19 By  SkincareJen19    


    Great product with multi purpose of use. Can be used for more than just your ears. I would recommend these to others. They aren't cheaply made so they're good quality.

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