Q-Tips Cotton Swabs

Q-Tips Cotton Swabs

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great these are my favorite swabs. they cotton tip stays compact, and the stick is paper not plastic.

Don't Settle for Off-Brand QTips I generally go with off-brand on a lot of items to save money but I will never again with QTips! These are high quality, won't bend and are effective at cleaning.

Q-tips are a no-brainer to have on-hand Q-tips are always in my bathroom. I use a new one each day to apply my eye shadow so I know I'm not applying germy makeup.

Classic must-have Q-Tips are one of the items I keep around the house at all times. They're classic. None of the off-brands hold up.

This is a great and useful product. It's great for ears, makeup, and mixing together paints says the artist, and I use it to clean to hard to get places in y car.

Great to use for many things I use these for ear cleaning, makeup, and cleaning, and even when I stained my kitchen cabinets. My daughter has also used them for projects.

These q-tips are the ones that are soft to the touch. Great after taking a shower to clean your ears, and you can add a little makeup remover to fix your mistakes.

Great! These have and always will be a staple in my house...I use these to clean out my ears after every shower. I know they are banned in other countries but I have never had an issue with these for ear cleaning.

More than one use. They are soft and gentle, easy to use on your kids hears slowly. They are also good for craft projects and cleaning in little gaps, like vents. They can be use to apply cream, some type of medicine, or with some nail polish remover to remove extra nail polish. (SPANISH: Son suaves y gentiles, fáciles de usar en los oídos de los niños. Tambien son buenos para proyectos de manualidades y limpiar en espacios pequeños como en los orificios de aires acondicionados. Se pueden utilizar para aplicar crema, algún tipo de medicina, o con un poco de acetona para quitar esmalte extra de las uñas).

Staple toiletry in our house My go to swab. Compared to other brands or off brands Q-Tips are stronger and gentler on my ears. I also like to use these for makeup removal, makeup application, and the occasional craft project. These are a staple in our house. Would highly recommend and discourage the use of an off brand option.

There is no other q-tip like q-tip brand it is the best most reliable product I used I highly recommend this

Always a great brand Always a good choice. After trying bargain brand, and having to go to the doctor to get swab removed from ear, I only use these.

Only trusted brand for cotton swabs The only brand acceptable in our household. Very sturdy and reliable. Q-Tips, nothing else.

Works great! These work great for removing excess nail polish on skin.

q tips q tips good brand good quality comes in different size packages has alot of different usages the cotton stay where it's suppose to doesn't bend easy when using to clean the ear or belly button the stick end has enough cotton that it doesn't scratch you