Movie WALL-E

Movie WALL-E

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While this is one of the most popular Disney movies I'm always bored out of my mind when I try to watch it.

Wall-e movie review Very cute movie for all ages! We own it and watch it about 1x a month!! Great messages to children and adults both!

Wall-E review A beautiful movie with a powerful message and great animation

Cute Movie Funny, enjoyable, cute. As an adult, I totally enjoyed this movie. It struck all the right notes.

Everyone should watch This s exactly where this world is heading. No one is doing anything from the pollution we created. I can only imagine what the earth will be like when my Grandchildren inherit it. But a cute way to show friendship.

A cute family film with a good lesson attached. This is something the whole family can enjoy.

This is a really cute kids movie. The whole family enjoyed it! Its funny and cute and has a decent storyline!

This movie is so cute! Wall-e is the cutest character ever.

the boys absolutely loved this movie the girls werent as impressed but still watched

I love this movie. At first I did not think that I would enjoy watching it with the little ones but it was a great heart felt story with a great message.

My kids still love this movie after a few years of having it. I love how it incorporates environmental awareness and recycling issues to make kids aware that recycling is very important to keeping our earth clean.

Good kids movie.

For a kids' movie this is one of the better ones! I was moved to tears for Wall-E for much of the movie. You will cry at certain parts that's just part of what makes it so good!

I love this movie. It's a great family movie.

I saw the movie with my 3 kids on Disney XD and it warmed my heart. I cried while watching the end. This video is great for those interested in the future, space, machines, and even technology!