Lifetime The Golden Girls

Lifetime The Golden Girls

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Betty White! This has some classic ladies of comedy from their time, and though they have passed they have left us this gem about how 4 females can live how they choose, love how they choose, and be what they choose. So funny as well!

Love The Golden Girls and all the crazy antics these ladies go on! Such a great show with lots of nostalgia to my childhood in the 80's.

These ladies felt like family❤ This show is absolutely a favorite of mine. It's charming as well as hilarious. You just can't help falling in love. The episodes are diverse so they can be enjoyed either by watching favorite episodes or just watch them in order. It's sad to think that we no longer have these wonderful ladies who brought me so much joy anymore but their legacy lives on through this show and contenues to bright happiness and joy around the world.

Best sitcom ever! My favorite sitcom ever! Incredible writing, excellent actors. Never get tired of watching the reruns.

Thanks Ladies! Ok, how could I ever think of one bad thing about this show! I watch it every night in bed and just continue watching the series over and over again. Just can't get enough! Perfect combo of actresses to bring the warm moments and humor.

Love these ladies! One of my favorite shows of all time! I laugh so hard on every episode. The relationship between all the ladies is so awesome. The situations they go through have me laughing so hard. This show is a classic that never gets old. I'll always have a special place in my heart for the Golden Girls. 💜

Greatest The best of the best was created with this show. It had all the relevant topics and it was funny.

Absolutely The Best Classic Out There I watch this show every night. It is hilarious, and it makes me happy, a great way to unwind after a long exhausting day. I own every season of The Golden Girls because I can't get enough ❤💯

Lifetime The Golden Girls is a classic that is fun to watch.

Who doesn't like the Golden Girls? I have memories of my nephew (now in his 20's) singing along to the theme song as a toddler - it always seemed to be on in the background when my sisters, my mom, and I would get together. The acting was so good, and there was something for everyone as each character was so different. I still catch an episode every now and then and it always makes me smile.

Great Humor! This is one of the best shows that I have ever watched! These girls never not bring a smile to my face. If it's not Blanche looking for a new partner,it is Rose telling a story that lasts forever...Great show all around!

Funny A comedy that lasts and continues to make me laugh! Love watching and taking a break from the world and laughing, these ladies were/are comedic geniuses

One of my favorite shows ! Love the show, and now that I'm "up in age" I can relate even more ! Sometimes I imagine what it would be like to live with a few of my close girlfriends....scary, but fun :-)

I absolutely love the golden girls. My mother and my 6 years old daughter does as well!

Favorite Show This is one of my all time favorite shows. I have seen every episode what seems like 100 times, but they never get old. This is a timeless classic that I will watch over and over again.