Johnson's  Baby Powder

Johnson's Baby Powder

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Thumbs Up Smells good and works to eliminate moisture. It is really a helpful additive to nighttime diapers too.

Trusted Baby Powder I love this Baby Powder. Always have, and will continue to trust it and use it.

Great at Absorbing Moisture Great at absorbing moisture. Helps with moisture in skin rolls too. Been a family favorite for years.

Old Standby Old stand by in our house. Love the scent. We use it a lot in the summer.

Love it! Old school - always works. I've used this product since, well, I was a baby. They also make a cornstarch version.

Might not be safe Not sure I would trust this product. It has caused people to get cancer in the past and even if they have worked out all the quirks, they still don't inspire trust.

Fresh This product is the best baby powder out there, i use it every time I take a shower and it leaves me feelig fresh!

Causes Cancer? :( I know we're not supposed to use this product since it's been linked to cancer, but I really do love this stuff and have been.using it all my life. I stopped using it and def miss it.

I love these powders. I always use it, it keeps my baby lasts a long time

Baby powder I love using Johnson's baby products. This was extremely helpful with my baby when she was getting rashes in her neck rolls ! She is a chunky baby and when first starting to learn to suck on the bottle at the appropriate speed she would often have a lot falling down to her neck. This kept her skin from being moist and uncomfortable truly a life saver

Good baby powder Great for the whole family smells good keeps you dry especially in the summer long lasting

We use it for my nephew at home, and trust me the smell of baby powder makes him look sweeter and cuter.. my nephew stays fresh whole day and smells fresh after using baby powder.

J & J Baby Product Johnson & Johnson Baby Powder is a great product. It keeps the baby's skin fresh and soft and prevent rashes. All Johnson & Johnson's baby products are best.

Beauty Go To Essential I love having a small bottle of powder in my handbag, it's perfect for the summer and chaffing thighs, oily hair, getting sand off and much more. We all want to look and feel our best but having sand get in your shoes, hair sticking to your neck or thighs chaffing together can make you feel, and subsequently look, worse ): I have a small bottle I take with me everywhere.

Must have powder for everyday use Philippines is really a humid and a tropic country. For every Filipina, especially teenagers and babies, this is a go to powder. Compared to other powder, this will never clogged your pores. It has different variant, yet the original is my favorite. I always have this in my bag . I really recommend Jonhson's Baby Powder.