Johnson's  Baby Powder

Johnson's Baby Powder

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Love Johnson's baby powder Keeps baby fresh and helps prevent rashes

I always have one. it's perfect. smells good

I have always used baby powder for all my kids with no issues. My mother used baby powder with all 8 of her children and no issues. We love the smell and it's a well know brand that many people trust

Staple product All my family uses it on their babies or themselves. Love this always!

I still use baby powder from time to time. The smell reminds me of childhood.

This tried and true product is great for a variety of purposes. I have used this to help with diaper rash, smelly feet, and soothing a baby. It has a very light scent which is soothing and clean. It has a smooth texture. It also has been around for many years. I like that kind of reassurance that this product has been used by my mother and has stood the test of time and still works.

I have so many uses for this!!

I have tried those dry shampoo's, but nothing beats putting Johnson's baby powder in my hair when I want to stretch an extra day between washing my hair!

Baby powder is my go-to multi-use product. I see a lot of negative things about baby powder but I don't think people realize that almost all baby powders use corn starch now instead of talc. I keep a small bottle of it in my car in case of oily hair, rashy buns, or sandy feet! My fiance was amazed at how well it got the sand off the buns of our two year old this weekend at the beach. A diaper bag must have for any mommy!

Used this product on my 8 year old brother, 18 month old son, and one year old nephew and will continue to use it on my children and children I care for. It's priced beyond reasonable and get's multiple jobs done. Thank you for another great product!

It smells good and it's a great product to have in hand not just for baby.

Get out of the nursery and take it to the BEACH! Kepp a small bottle of Johnson's baby powder in your beach bag. It is perfect to sprinkle on after a day at the beach. The sand falls right off ! You''ll all smell great and your car will stay cleaner, too!

Baby powder is the best for baby to use after a nice bath and the baby powder smells so good. Helps prevent rashes for baby.

If the brand name doesn't convince you that this is a grat product, then using it will. I live the smell and it works great. Decent price and love the variety in sizes it comes in. We have big ones at the house, medium sized ones, and small to go sizes in diaper bags.

Keeps baby fresh and helps prevent rashes