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  • Patoma By  Patoma    

    Great product i use it all the time. I think everyone should owe these products. There is nothing better then these products

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  • Keishajade By  Keishajade    

    Dr Browns

    These are great for when you first have your baby. They have a variety of bottles starting from newborn. Easy nipple, overall great product!

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  • pjkitty12189 By  pjkitty12189    

    The best bottles ever!

    Dr. Brown's bottles are the best! My kids have grown out of them now but when they were babies I swore by these bottles. I had tried so many different bottles that always failed in one way or another until I found Dr. Brown's bottles. No more spit-ups, hiccups, or gas discomfort. The flow is great and they are a perfect fit for babies' tiny mouths. I 100% recommend you try these bottles if you haven't because they're truly the best!

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  • Phall24 By  Phall24    

    Bottle Prevents Gas

    My newborn really took well to these bottles. They help prevent gas and colic. They are easy to clean.

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  • aliciamarie3 By  aliciamarie3    

    Our youngest son has very special needs, something we didn't know until after he was born. I breast feed my oldest two kids, but with this one he just wouldn't latch. After trying every single bottle on the market we tried this and it worked! It was literally the only one that allowed him to latch onto the nipple. He still has trouble drinking and swallowing and years later, way past a typical child's bottle days, he still uses Dr Brown's to drink!

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  • Mecombrink77 By  Mecombrink77    

    Unique straw system

    These are great bottles. My daughter got some for her baby shower. The design system reduces gas and colic. The formula goes into the unique straw completely filling the nipple eliminating air therefore reducing and can even eliminate air getting into baby's tummy. I definitely recommend them and they make a great gift

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  • Bburch By  Bburch    

    I used these with my youngest son because he would refuse other nipples. But they leak after some time so i always had to get different bottles and use the lids from these.

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  • Catstarbaby By  Catstarbaby    

    Best baby bottles in the market

    These have changed my life! I would never use another bottle brand again!!! It can be a pain to clean so make sure you have the right brushes. But worth the money!!!

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  • BigLipLouise By  BigLipLouise    

    Highly recommended

    My son would projectile vomit every feeding until I used these bottles, they were a life savor and they helped a lot with his gass!

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  • Strawberryblondebomb By  Strawberryblondebomb    

    Amazing bottles

    I love these bottles they are a miracle worker even slowed her drinking down

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  • J21adevans By  J21adevans    

    Great for reflux

    These bottles are great. After trying different ones for my son with reflux he reached great to these

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  • Pompbella By  Pompbella    

    Too expensive

    Too expensive and too many pieces. They also leak very easily. I won't buy then again.

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  • MelissaCortez129 By  MelissaCortez129    

    Not so good

    I can say from experience ( i literarlly bought my first son a new bottle every week until I found one that was easy to clean and good quality) I tried these at one point, I really liked them at first but after a couple days I grew so tired of them. They leaked like crazy and I didn?t want to worry about a bottle spilling all over my diaper bag. I ended up throwing them out and having to buy yet another bottle. I personally wouldn?t recommend.

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  • SamBam21 By  SamBam21    

    Great bottles, many pieces though! However, I would rather wash a bunch of pieces than have a gassy baby!

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  • Itskristenmack By  Itskristenmack    

    Best Bottle!

    These are the best bottles on the market. It keeps the bubbles out so you don't have to worry about reflux. Also controls how fast the formula comes out so your child doesnt choke,

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