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  • Cdettra By  Cdettra    

    This is our preferred pharmacy for prescriptions. For other non prescription items it?s a toss up between CVS and Rite Aid - whoever has the best sale price. Our CVS often doesn?t have enough stock on sale items

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  • mybluefairy By  mybluefairy    

    love this place

    CVS is a weird little place. I can somehow spend hours there. I'm not sure how because its really just a drug store....but its so much more than that! Need a Mother's Day card? Run out to CVS! Need a candy fix? Run out to CVS! And there's one on every corner so you can do that. Some are nice and clean and run well and have the correct ad stickers and some are filthy and dirty and downtown with all the homeless people but that can't be helped. The overall theme of CVS is they have a little bit of everything and they print out a mile long receipt with coupons every. single. time. Where else can you get that? If you say you have a mile long receipt, you know its from CVS!

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  • Carlyjwhite1 By  Carlyjwhite1    

    Best place to coupon!

    This is the best place to Coupon!! I get the best deals at this store for All my beauty and healthcare needs - the pharmacy is always great too!!

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  • angelnorwood By  angelnorwood    

    I love to shop at cvs. I use coupons, combined with their store coupons I save a ton of $$

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  • alou18 By  alou18    

    Another store than really has no sales. You have to buy so much of what you don't really need to get their "rewards" bucks.

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  • RachP03 By  RachP03    

    I love CVS!

    I love CVS! I like going there when they have great deals. Then I combine the deal with a manufacturer coupon and sometimes a CVS coupon. I also enjoy their Extra Care Bucks program. They are always really friendly and helpful.

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  • Leahmom By  Leahmom    

    Extra bucks fan

    Regular pricing at CVS stores is outrageous, but if you use coupons and participate in their Extra bucks program you can score great deals on household necessities and cosmetics.

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  • TippyTara33 By  TippyTara33    

    CVS stores are the perfect convenient store to get all your basic household needs.The extra care program offers you excellent sales and promotional items for less.Order your prescriptions online and pickup for fast and reliable services.

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  • feeshea By  feeshea    

    I shop at CVS often because of the combination of sales, ECB deals and being able to use my coupons on the deal to get really good deal on items. I didn't give them five stars because some of the sales items are not always available on the first day of the sale. The other week I went in to get vitamins that were on sale , I went Sunday the first day of the sale. The vitamins were not there. But the next week once the sale ended they had an endcap display of them.

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  • Gicris By  Gicris    

    This is my favorite pharmacy, I can find here everything, I filled my prescription online and is so easy!

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  • CadenceBlythe By  CadenceBlythe    

    I like CVS very much. The stores are clean and staff is helpful most of the time. I took one star away because every time I go in to get a specific item, it's always the last one on the shelf. Maybe its my luck. Other than that, the store is great.

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    I like CVS. I feel that the pharmacist is very helpful. I don't find the prices particularly higher/lower than competing pharmacy/store. The employees are always helpful and friendly. I have lived in several states and found this true to them all.

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  • DaniDreamGirl By  DaniDreamGirl    

    Most of the CVS stores that I have been in are always clean/neat and the workers are always willing to help. They have pretty good deals most of the time but not often enough for me. The 24 hour drive through is convenient and appreciated.

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  • dreapress By  dreapress    

    We use CVS purely for the pharmacy, very rarely anything else. I don't really think the coupons you get for using your CVS card are that great. I think I've used one, ever, and that was because it was for a free candy bar. I find the wait time for prescriptions is not bad; usually between 10-20 minutes.

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  • RainRainbows By  RainRainbows    

    CVS/ Pharmacy is our only place we have been getting our family prescriptions for the last 7 years. We are satisfied with our experience.

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