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Where I live the employees are very uninspiring. It really feels like I am bothering them when I go into the store. The store itself is a bit of a mess. I understand that they want to be able to provide a choice, so they need alot of space. But, the shelves are scrunches, the ailes are very narrow and every square inch of the store is filled with stuff. It feels more like a flea market than a store. I try not to shop here.

Another store than really has no sales. You have to buy so much of what you don't really need to get their "rewards" bucks.

Too expensive! Turns out some medication I got there for $100 was $25 cheaper across the street at walgreens!! Plus I hate playing games with those stupid customer cards.

i feel CVS is TOOOOOO EXPENSIVE! yikes :( i have better things to do then use a card that MIGHT give me something back OR figure out how the program works to begin with.. they give you a hard time FILLING RX! recently (about a full week) they would NOT fill my son was approved thru insurance, but they did not want to give me the meds...customer svcs LACKS :(

i was really disapointed with the fact that there perscription discount program price verys from store to store, the price as my one store are great but the one local to me when i am away at school 6x as high ... really kinda srewed up my first days back at scchool, as far as the the extra are and stuff i don't mess with that kinda thig

Prices vary depending on what you want. Though they have most of the basics, I have never run into a particularly nice CVS employee, all have been rude and not very helpful.

I don't particularly like shopping at CVS. I think that most other pharmacies do about the same job at filling prescriptions, and I don't think that much of their sales. I feel like I can get the same prices at other stores without clipping coupons and combining sales and using my card. It's so much simpler just to buy something at an already-low price than it is to have to try and figure out the sales flyer to get 10 cents extra off. I have better things to do with my time!

I only go here to pick up prescriptions. It is rare to find a nice pharmacist. They're usually grumpy and really slow. Too bad I have Caremark and CVS is the only place to go around here. Oh well.

If it was't for there pharmacy and the people who work behind the counter I would highly recommend CVS but seems like I am always having issues with them and my medications....

Great store if you just need something really quick. If you have the time, go to a grocery store. I spent $10 on an item that I found the next day at a grocery store for less than 1/2 the price I paid.

Shop here often. Prices are not great. Reward program is fantastic and helps with higher prices. Have a lot of trouble with getting my prescriptions filled here. Often have to return because medications are not on hand. Will fill part and only tell you when you have already traveled there. Hard for me as I suffer with chronic pain. Getting pain medications filled is a mess.

store is easy to shop and they have a coupon machine in the store but i wish they could mail the coupons if you dont have a printer

It's a great place to get just what you need. They've got a little of everything.

We use CVS purely for the pharmacy, very rarely anything else. I don't really think the coupons you get for using your CVS card are that great. I think I've used one, ever, and that was because it was for a free candy bar. I find the wait time for prescriptions is not bad; usually between 10-20 minutes.

Extra bucks fan Regular pricing at CVS stores is outrageous, but if you use coupons and participate in their Extra bucks program you can score great deals on household necessities and cosmetics.