Always Discreet Maximum Absorbency Underwear

Always Discreet Maximum Absorbency Underwear

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I really appreciate Soilimo incontinence briefs for women which I order thru Amazon basics. So much cheaper and durable than Depends. Incontience is quite a challenge.

Works great! I used these after giving birth and they were amazing! It was nice to have the protection I needed against leaks and also be able to have something that felt comfortable while doing so.

This product was acceptable until changes were made. It's not working. The "pad" is too short and not WIDE or THICK enough. It rolls with the slightest bit of moisture in it. The urine collects outside of it and then onto clothing. My gynecologist said had her patients complain. As far as using it at night, if you sleep on your back, the urine flows outside of it. The pad NEEDS to be longer. I tried other brands, and found the same problems. Therefore, it seems that there is nothing on the market right now that does the job.

Pricey I liked the style and the fit of these when it came to the absorbency not so much maybe because I was a heavy wetter. I use these as I got a sample in the mail along with a coupon I had a C-section and my bladder muscles were weak disposable undergarments helped me a lot. Like I mentioned before style and comfort two thumbs up absorbency no. I found a cheaper brand that was more absorbent

The Always Discreet Maximum Absorbency was very bulky for my mother to wear comfortably. The absorbency was good, she still felt the need to change consistently after each use. It felt more like an adult diaper then an absorbent under garment. I agreed the product looks like it could use improvement in wear, feel, texture, absorbency and look from Always. Thank you for the opportunity to sample this product.

it works well they are fairly discreet and absorbent also.

Did not get to try it. I would have liked the opportunity.

Another great product by Always! Very comfortable to wear and very discreet as the name suggests. I received a product from SheSpeaks in exchange for my review.

I received a free sample from she speaks. I tried these on several different occasions and I thought they worked very well. They were comfortable to wear and did not show through my clothes.

I am pleasantly surprised how comfortable these Always Discreet are! They dont feel big and bulky, and they dont look bulky either. I would definitely recommend these to anyone wanting a discreet undergarment that works! Kudos Always!!! I received a sample of Always Discreet from SheSpeaks for free in exchange for an honest review.

These are so awesome, the fully protect me when I am out and about, they make me feel safe and comfortable. No one can even tell I am wearing them and that there.. really makes me happy! I received a sample of Always Discreet from SheSpeaks for free in exchange for an honest review.

I received the Always Discreet Maximum Absorbency Underwear from Shespeaks in exchange for my honest opinion. The first thing I noticed is the light scent and I liked it very much. The underwear fits well and does not feel bulky under my clothes. I felt that the absorbent part is a little thin and I was tensed that it would leak. But that did not happen, which means that its thin and absorbent. I am not sure about its performance in case of medium to heavy urinary incontinence. But is good for light incontinence. It is a bit on the pricey side and also it does not feel that dry afterwards. But this product is worth a try.

I received a free sample of Always Discreet Maximum Absorbency Underwear from SheSpeaks in exchange for conducting an honest trial period and review. The underwear actually fit pretty well and weren't bulky under my clothes. I tried these during a post-surgery period when I was afraid I wouldn't be able to make it to the bathroom as quickly as I needed to - and they worked great. Glad to know that if I need this kind of protection on a regular basis, it will be there.

I received a sample of Always Discreet Maximum Absorbency Underwear from SheSpeaks. I was really impressed with the great fit and absorption. I wear the underwear at night as this is when I usually have leakage issues. I liked the OdorLock? technology which neutralizes urine odors. Will recommend this to my friend who cares for her elderly mother. Wish there were a large number of underwear in the packages.

Thank you She speaks for the always discreet. I received my package 10 days ago for testing and I would like to say that im very please with the results. The brief fitted very well and it moved with me without feeling tight or snug. I felt very dry with my bladder leaks.