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False Memories

on Nov 07, 2007: I did not read the first book and I doubt I would read the second book. He exaggerated events during his so called addiction and got lots of money while doing it. It's unfair that he claimed his book was about true life events when it was not, the reason so many bought into it was his despair at h…
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Behind the Scenes At SheSpeaks

on Nov 07, 2007: Looking forward to being part of this fantastic group of women and having my voice heard. Thanks for this unique outlet for women. I look forward to new programs and product tests. I can't wait to tell those companies what I really think and how they can improve their products.
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New Hope through Hypnosis

on Nov 07, 2007: Yes I do! I think that the current finding are positive enough that it should be offered and available to all patients. If I am ever in this situation I would want to try it for sure.
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