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Your Purse: A Weighty Issue

on Oct 23, 2007: I decided to take away my purse altogether. (Granted I have a diaper bag which is where I store most things.) As stated by others, if I have a purse, I fill it! Not having one seems to simplify what I really neeed to bring for myself. The only time I carry one is for a special occasion and then …

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War On Women?s Education In Afghanistan

on Aug 30, 2007: The SheSpeaks blog is one of my favorite parts of the website. They offer a lot of interesting articles, news, studies, and I love reading women's feedback on the topics-- even when the topic is a sad one like this one. It's hard to believe that right to an education (for boys AND girls)isn't th…

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Animal, Vegetable, Miracle

on Jul 27, 2007: It seems like we've come full circle. After industrialization and globalization- specializing in a product and attempting to sell it all over the world. Suddenly we are aware of the cost to the environment of these items travelling all over the world, and now there is a trend to buy locally. Pr…