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Stop the Mad "Makeover"

on Jan 24, 2010: Great tips! I've been through several department store "makeovers", and had a wide range of differant results from great, very happy to trashy looking with cobalt blue eyeshadow to the oompah loompah orange look from too much bronzer. I've learned to insist on looking at the colors before they a…

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Does Your Beauty Routine Need a Boost?

on Nov 01, 2009: I am 42 and have a bad habit of falling asleep with what's left of my make-up. I know it's bad, but by the time I hit the end of the day I am wiped out. I have tried the cleansing cloths, but broke out in a rash around my eyes. I participated in the Olay regenerist sample and have become addict…

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For Some Women Business is Booming

on Jan 02, 2009: I understand the concerns people have regarding the economy these days. I am a manufacturers rep for a home decor and gift ware company and I work with small businesses all the time. I am hearing from my customers that they are doing well with low priced items and are working harder than they ha…