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Thomas' Seasonal Cranberry English Muffins

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Tattoos in the Workplace: Okay or No Way?

on Sep 22, 2012: I am the Executive Assistant to the President of our Company and I can tell you that my boss now has a lot more information about his employees and their opinion & ideas regarding the business because of me and my tattoos. Workers in other departments see me as "approachable" and find it easy to o…

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RSVP to Join the #scarygood Halloween Twitter Party THURS 9/13 at 9PM ET

on Sep 12, 2012: @momsaidthatsit

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RSVP for the #AflacKids Swim With Friends Twitter Party Thursday 9/6 at 9pm ET!

on Aug 29, 2012: @momsaidthatsit I'll be there. What a great cause!