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Saying Goodbye To Soaps

on Apr 25, 2011: I have never really watched any of the daytime dramas, I have only seen clips here and there. They just don't seem appealing to me. I feel like it is all too fake and unnatural from the lighting to the acting.

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Spy Cam Barbie: Boycott or Buy?

on Nov 09, 2010: I don't know if boycotting is the thing to do, I'm just not going to buy it. As for the people who say that children already have cells with cameras,it is true, but those children are a bit older and are probably not interested in barbies anymore.By the way, I'd rather be paranoid than sorry late…

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No Go For the "Female Viagra"

on Nov 08, 2010: My brother is a pharmacy tech and knows a lot about the pharmaceutical companies, and they do come up with diseases so they can make pills to "cure" us. What is even more disappointing is that doctors receive certain perks and incentives from the pharmaceutical companies so the doctors are incline…