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Hormel Compleats Kids Pasta & Chicken

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Apr 19, 2011 : My younger Grandaughter said it was not as good as Mikes(Her step-dad) but it was real good!

Johnsonville Sweet Italian Sausage

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Apr 11, 2011 : We bought the Sausage and the brats with the coupons sent.They went over fabulous and everyone sai…

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There's an App for That - Tips, Tricks, & Giveaways

on Jan 18, 2012: I got the Kindle Fire for Christmas and LOVE it.I can get on facebook,listen to music watch movies read books It's fabulous.The apps are numerous and easy to use.I play words with friends all the time.The fire goes with me while I am cooking,cleaning anything! I throw in a word while I am doing ot…
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