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Dawn Hand Renewal with Olay Beauty

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Tide To Go

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So Nice, We're Doin' It Twice - 2013 Pearls Giveaway

on Dec 12, 2013: Definitely the most exciting and emotional story was the escape of Amanda Berry and the freeing of her two "housemates" from captivity.

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Will You Say "Cheers" To Nutritional Content Labels on Liquor?

on Jun 13, 2013: Here we go again. Another example of the nanny state trying to save us from ourselves. Those who have a problem with alcohol consumption are not going to give a rat's rear end what the label says. Those who are consistently watching the calories already know that alcoholic beverages are calo…

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Bridget Jones Is Back!

on Apr 19, 2013: Wish they had left well enough alone and only done one movie. The first movie is a classic! I've seen it several times, and enjoy it more and more each time. The second movie, I've only seen once. Once was MORE than enough! I doubt that I will bother watching if there is a third. Some things…