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Instagram AI Bully Detector Will Warn Users Before Posting Comments Deemed Offensive

10 hours ago : Instagram is testing a new feature that will give users a warning before they post comments deemed offensive. The company said the feature is one of several ways it's working to combat bullying and harassment on its platform.The warning will appear in the comment thread, with a message that reads …

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Don't Make a Rookie Mistake: Stock Up for the Big Game

4 days ago : Cela comprend une variété de collations, telles que des chips, des trempettes et des bretzels, ainsi que des boissons, telles que de la bière, des sodas et de l'eau. Vous pouvez également envisager d'avoir des options sans alcool pour ceux qui ne boivent pas ou qui sont des conducteurs désignés. C…

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More Couples Include Wild Animals On Wedding Guest List

on Jan 20, 2023: It's becoming more common for couples to include wild animals on their wedding guest list as a unique and memorable addition to their big day. However, it's important to keep in mind that wild animals are not pets and should not be treated as such. They are wild creatures that require specific car…