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e.l.f. Cosmetics Liquid Eyeliner

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SheSpeaks January Community Survey

on Mar 29, 2022: There's many things that I would like to do this year to feel more fulfilled, but one I'm working on is discovering and focusing more on my own personal happiness. This is something I really really need to work on and that I've let go by the wayside for much of my life. I'm always worried and focu…

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Member Favorite Skin-Friendly Makeup Removers

on Mar 29, 2022: I'm a huge fan of trying new makeup removers. I like all of the ones mentioned above, as well as many many more!! I've recently started trying oil-based makeup removers in my routine. I was told that they can help with very dry skin, like I have, so I gave it a go! It does help keep my skin hydrat…

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3 Yummy Food Trends To Try Today

on Mar 29, 2022: I love anything and everything to do with food and cooking, so I'm always reading about the latest trends. The charcuterie board is a great one! I feel like it's just one of many trends that millennial are discovering and bringing back. Lots of things that were popular when older generations were …