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The Luster of Pearls

on Jun 13, 2013: The older I get, the more I like pearls, for some reason. But then, if they're good enough for the Queen to wear everyday... :)

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Win Your Favorite Handbag Plus Prizes! Enter our Emilie M Giveaway

on Sep 21, 2012: I'm torn.... For a classic shape and easy wear, I really like the Riley shoulder bag. It can cover so many outfits and is multi-seasonal. Yet I also adore the casual elegance of the Catherine tote. I can envision pairing this with a lovely classic sleeveless dress and wedges, just like the Duch…

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They'll Have What We're Having: How to Plan Weddings With Dietary Restrictions

on May 22, 2012: I agree with the planner. Whether it's for health or other reasons, it's their wedding. "Guests" means you have the privilege of being invited to the special event, so deal with it. If you have dietary restrictions yourself, either tell them plenty of time ahead or wait until later to eat. And…