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I Do...But I Won't Wear That Ring

on Feb 27, 2012: My husband and I exchanged wedding bands. I don't think either of us wear them all the time. I often cannot wear them due to pain in my hands. Even though the ring is a simple band, it is very uncomfortable for me. We also do not wear them when participating in martial arts. I find that we le…

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Ditch the Gym and Get Healthy at Home

on Feb 24, 2012: I love going to the gym, but because my schedule is subject to my family I work out at home. We did join a martial arts school and I attend classes there as well.

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How Long Should You Wait to Get Intimate After a Divorce?

on Feb 20, 2012: I think Courtney's sex life is her own business. My post-divorce Mr. Right turned out to be a very good friend I had before I got divorced. I got lucky there, no dating needed. Whew!