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The Many Uses for Baking Soda (Part Three): Health and Beauty

on Jun 14, 2012: Wow! I knew some of these tips but learned some new ones too! Im gonna have to try some of them. Who doesn't have a box of baking soda in their fridge? :) I have always kept one in my fridge and freezer for odor absorption.

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Ready For Summer? Share your Summer Must-Haves To Win

on May 17, 2012: A great pedicure and some really cute new flip flops! I also love iced tea with lemon in the summer! If I am going to be outside, bug spray is a must!!!

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One Love: Are Humans Hardwired for Monogamy?

on May 06, 2011: I just don't know anymore! I would like to believe in Monogamy, but I dont really believe that men are wired this way. I think far more women are, but there are those women who cheat just as much as men. Overall, I want to believe in it but I dont think most men are.