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Pure Polish, No Toxins

on Dec 13, 2010: Really great news!My 5 yr old loves painting my nails and hers...I have to hide those nail polishes because of their strong smell.I'll be definitely getting her this.So happy that someone came up with an organic nail polish line for kids!!

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Black Friday: From Burglary to Brawls

on Nov 30, 2010: I went shopping on thursday,a kmart store near my home.I was there around 3pm.It's better to go late to avoid the frenzy.There were fewer shoppers and it was all quiet.I bought what I needed,a snuggie and bedding sets.On Friday,went to target around 2pm this time again,avoided the early crowds and…

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The Mane Event: Eight Hair-Care Myths Debunked

on Oct 12, 2010: Oh and I did brush my hair 100 times before bed as a teen!Now I know better...